Written - July 21st 3:30 AM

By the time any of you see this message, I don't even know which state I'll be in.  After seeing that footage last night posted by MyDarkJournal, I've determined a new course of action is required.

If I myself am compromised, I can't stay here.  Not around normal people.  Not putting them in danger.  My only remaining option is to go deeper.  It's the runner's life for me.

I'm not stopping my research.  I took with me my laptop, my camera, what I need to continue it.  I still have use of the car the PTC sent me out with, though all things considered, I can't use that long, as they'll certainly be along to reposes it and kill me as soon as they catch wind of this.  But it'll be a start.  So the plan is to keep moving.  Get up high where possible.  See if I can link up with anyone who'll still give me a chance and try to be of some help.

To Morgan - I left a letter in your mailbox apologizing already, so I won't repeat it here.  You've been a true friend all these years, and I thank you for that.  If for some reason you need to reach me, or if ANYTHING starts happening, you post here and let me know.  The new password is the name of that fan-fiction you helped me write in middle school.  You know the one.

To Mike - I haven't known you as long, but you seem like a good guy.  Take care of her and best of luck to you both.

To my Mother - I'm sorry about all of this.  I never wanted this for anyone, but I can't change the past.  The story I told you... the first one... is entirely true, which is why you must forget it.  I will call you when I can, but I can't come back.  I still love you.

To my Father - Doubt you're reading, but, I have nothing else to say to you.  I was missing two months, and then came back for two months, and you never even called me once.  Not even a single sign of concern.  China or not, I would have at least expected some contact.  Your job was always the most important.  I suspect this development will have little meaning to you.  Which is why I've liberated a few grand from your savings to fund my first few months on the run.  Thanks.

To the truth seekers - I ask that you please continue to keep watch.  Protect yourselves, and if I later prove to be compromised, there is something I must ask of you...


Fresh Investigators Who Ought to Turn Back

The therapy thing got moved around... they moved me to Mondays instead.  I'll be putting up a bit of our first conversation in a bit... smuggled in a recording device since my memory has never been that great.  But first...

Recently got a tip-off from one of my contacts about this blog.  I thought the case of What You Are In The Dark was closed.  I had stopped paying attention, and somehow these escaped my notice in the feed.

Derek.  I don't know why Reach would willingly attempt to pass his haunting on to you... I know you believe it was a work of fiction inherent to his delusions.  Good.  Keep thinking that.  But stop trying to prove it because you may not be able to and in the process, you're trying your own noose.

Different subject, same message.  Whoever currently controls BeyondTheNeon, whether it's a possessed Issac or someone else, you've caught their attention.  I'm not sure how deep you're in yet.  You might be able to turn back, but know that if you continue to search for Issac you're own safety is not guaranteed.

What I've seen with Mike and Morgan has verified for me something that I and some others have suspected for a while.  If you're firmly grounded in the idea... the idea that this isn't real, that HE isn't real... he can't touch you.  That ignorance card I mentioned some time ago IS a viable option.  It's too late for me.  It's too late for a lot of you.  They... they still have a chance.  So you two... I implore you, put it out of your mind.  You're lives will be better and longer for it.


Status: Better than expected

First, let me apologize for my absence for the last week or so.  Things were happening very quickly and this is the first time I was able to get back online since then.

First things first.  My parents.  They're OK.  My mother turned up on June 27th... she'd been out of town staying with my grandparents, and hadn't been experiencing any paranormal activity at all.  My father, is evidently still on his business trip in China he left on in April, has had his trip home delayed several times but is otherwise fine.

So while they're both alive... they're both very distraught over the time I was missing.  Don't know about my father's thoughts on it, but my mother is convinced I'm either mentally ill or lying about where I was and what I was doing.  Morgan did show her compileTRUTH and this blog and I honestly don't know what to tell her.  Even to lie to her and say I was off doing something horrible is preferable to the alternative of the truth in this situation.  And don't even get me started on what I had to do to explain that car the PTC provided.  Like Morgan and Mike, both my parents are firmly grounded in the idea that all of this is fictional, and I think that might be why they're safe for now.

For the time being, I've agreed to go see a therapist for... "this".  Whatever "this" means.  Today was the first day since then she's let me out of her sight long enough to use the computer.  Seems there's been some major movement on cases during that time I need to catch up on. When no one else is around of course.

Today... I'm trying to figure out what to do about Mike and Morgan.  What they did... they meant well.  They didn't meant to expose my family to danger.  I hold no grudge against them.  But the next time we see each other will be awkward to say the least.

The therapy sessions start Tuesday.  For now, I'm just going to sit here with my evil detecting dog and see what kinda shit Jay's gotten himself into now.

Stay safe truth seekers.

- Dr. Cairo



She's a friend of mine from high school.  Moved away to Alabama our senior year.  Got an e-mail today.  She's back in Ohio, and some idiot put her through all of Marble Hornets as a practical joke.  And now, she's having activity around her.


To be completely honest, she's been mailing me for the past few months.  We kept in contact after she moved, but since I started distancing myself from everyone when this started I'd been communicating with her less frequently.  Same for all my old friends.  I thought that would help keep them out of it.  Seems I was wrong.

I had seen her messages grow slowly more upset when I went through the month worth of them where I was missing.  I never replied back to her once I was here. Thought it would be best on everyone's part if they thought I was dead or something.  They'd be upset, but that's better than the alternative.  Today's e-mail was the first to mention anything Slender-related... I guess about a week ago someone showed it to her and it really freaked her out.   It could just be nothing and it's her own paranoia, or she's just yet another victim for Him.  I'm not a betting man.  And even if I was I wouldn't put any money on the prior.  Not after what we've all seen.  And yet if the latter is true... my presence could agitate the situation, and it's not like I'd actually be able to protect her if I went.  We're both equally weak and strength in numbers doesn't really apply.  Even if I was to try and go meet her, I'm under protective custody.  Not sure they'll let me just walk out of here.

I haven't even sent her a message back yet.  I'm not sure if I should.



I've been here a month now.  I still can't quite get used to it.

And I apologize for my inactivity since then.  Concentrating around here has been... difficult.  The interrogation following my arrival at the PTC was... I'm not really allowed to say, but I think my pain tolerance threshold gained a few levels.  The limp is almost gone now.

I spent probably the first week or so just resting and trying to rebuild my mental stamina.  The PTC went back to the college and recovered some of my belongings like my laptop.  Put it through the wringer on analysis looking for evidence that I may have been a proxy... the only thing on there I was guilty of was some pirated media and some really, really bad fan fiction from freshman year.   Anyway, I finished up the then work in progress Compilation - Dreams in Darkness Part 5, but since then I've been unable to focus on anything.

Not for lack of trying.  There's just been plenty of interesting stuff around here and plenty of time to think.  It feels safer here than at the school... I know that HE can get anywhere, and I've certainly gotten that bad feeling from time to time like I'm being watched, but I'm reasonably certain Benefactor and the like can't get in here.  And I've been thinking long and hard about Benefactor too, but more on that later.

I've not necessarily been under lock and key... I've got access to most of the unrestricted parts of the facility, and have been out of it a few times.  It's dependent on where the off-duty personnel are going for their leisure time, but I've been permitted to tag along a few times.  Good to get my mind off things.  Can't tell you WHERE without giving the location away, but there's been some interesting sights.

On base, I spent some time in the science wing but I was quickly banned from there.  Goggles got a bit annoyed with all my questions about Tablet and PATCH.  That or it was all the Skynet jokes.  Other major on base happenings... well...

Week 2 they brought me out to witness a proxy execution.  Not entirely sure why... unless they were still suspicious of me and trying to intimidate me.  It was... not a clean execution.  Six or seven proxies, eight men firing squad style, but with automatic weapons.  Then the janitor is called.  I still cringe as I type this.

And then earlier this week, I bore witness to one of the famed PTC funerals, for two of the men killed in Operation Big Game Hunting. Not as funny as we were led to believe.  You've probably never seen what a hand grenade does to a cadaver.  I have.  I wish I hadn't.  At least I'm prepared if I ever find the body of a Slender victim.  Slightly less gruesome possibly.

And thank god I was in my room on Monday morning when the base got attacked.  I just hid under the bed.  Not ashamed of that, people out there trying to kill each other with automatic weapons and all, and I'm just a college student who's completely out of place here.

I'm not sure what's going on with Benefactor.  Either he stopped paying attention when he thought I was dead and hasn't noticed that I'm back, or something happened to him.  If he was dead that would solve a lot of problems, but somehow I doubt it, unless he was one of those proxies who got plastered on the wall at the execution area.  He may be waiting for something.  I don't know.  I just know he's got a lot to answer for.


Found Him

We picked up Dr. Zelphest yesterday after he contacted us looking for help.  You may have seen the updates to his Youtube channel:

I'd be lying if I told you I had the slightest clue what's going on here. Woke up in a park about 30 minutes ago. My phone says is May 13... last time I checked it was April 12. 
I just got to a library to try and contact someone and I'm locked out of my Twitter and my Blog. Looks like Benefactor did some major damage to my credibility before Specter could lock him out. I swear to god everyone, none of it is true. What reason has he given ANY of you to believe it? 
Trying to get my bearings, figure out what the hell happened... where I am... where I'm going next. Obviously I don't wanna go home or back to the school. I have to make a call. I'll try and post again before night's end.
We picked him up in a little suburban town about a hundred miles from his last known location.  We've been interrogating him ever since and he's stuck to that story.  When we got him he was clean shaven and in relatively fresh clothes.  It's unusual for anyone to turn up like that after going missing.

We'll be done later tonight.  If he cracks and turns out to be on the wrong side, we've discussed what happens.  If he checks out innocent, he'll need a day or two to recuperate from the interrogation, but then we'll pass the reigns back to him and let him resume his research.  Regardless, we'll be keeping a much closer watch for everyone's sake.  Best case scenario, he'll be back to his compilation videos next week.

- Specter


Hacking Attempt Successful

We managed to gain control of Dr. Zelphest's blog after we saw that the "Benefactor" had taken over it.  We've changed the password to disallow Benefactor further access.

For those of you who haven't paid attention, this is Specter from the PTC.  Cairo's helped us out before and we've been monitoring his situation.  Unfortunately between our recent change of facilities and everything else that's been going on, I haven't been able to intervene until now.

It's a difficult situation right now.  We don't buy Benefactor's story, too many holes and Cairo's seemingly been on the straight and narrow up until now.  But we're not idiots.  Our first priority in this matter is to find him and our second is to interrogate him and figure out who's telling the truth.  If Cairo is a proxy then he was exposed to normally-classified PTC-held video footage, and we can't let that slide.

We're monitoring the situation and trying to track him down.  Benefactor said he was pretty sure he was dead but provided no evidence as such.

We'll post here again if anything major happens.  Cairo's twitter is temporarily under our control as well.  If any of you irregulars hear from him or Benefactor again, please let me know.

- Specter


Last You'll Hear from Me

So, I'm gonna go ahead and call it.  I'm pretty sure the Doctor's dead.  Some other guy from his floor too.  I don't have any evidence, but I've been looking for two weeks and they're both gone without a trace.  Even broke back into Cairo's room to look, everything's still there.  Can you believe none of the people in charge of the building have realized he's missing yet?  Guy must not have had any friends at all. Tragic, but I'm glad to see the Slender Man saved me the trouble of bringing Cairo down.  So before I move on, time to finally explain everything, starting with what the good doctor was lying about.

Cairo was never trying to help you in the first place.  Since the start, or at least, very near the start, he's been working the Slender Man's agenda.  He's not a runner or a fighter, just a proxy who the Slender Man left completely sane so as to have a fully articulate pawn to infiltrate the community. He started by pitching you a false ideology, reinforcing the idea in your heads that knowledge was power and could be used to survive against Him, and then providing you with such information.  This was, as they say, a trap.

The Slender Man has a need to feed.  A need that is constantly growing.  Since his target diet is limited to people who know about him and then shrinks when he consumes, the pool needed to be replenished.  Cairo's job.  His little informative vlogs never really produced anything groundbreaking... but they make an excellent starter's guide for people thinking their joining in on a big piece of fiction.  The sole purpose of Cairo was to spread knowledge of the Slender Man as far as he could.  To restock the pool.  To infect.  To condemn to death the people he was "helping".  So why would the Slender Man turn on him?  Did he try to betray him and run?  Was he not working fast enough?  Was his purpose served and over with? 

I don't know, because I AM NOT A PROXY.  I'M A RUNNER. I posed as one in an attempt to expose Cairo and what he was doing.  If I had just come right out and said all this, who would have believed me?  I would have just been some random troll and ignored.  I had to get everyone's attention, and try and get a message out to you without Cairo knowing and the traditional codes and puzzles of a proxy were the perfect vehicle to do so.  Cairo knew I wasn't on his and the big man's side, but he had to play along to maintain his disguise as a runner. A few of you got bits and pieces of the message but no one put it all together, and when Cairo realized what was in the messages he made plenty of efforts to misdirect you on the meanings of the messages.

"The truth is just a rule that you can bend." (Lies)
"You violate the oath." - "First, do no harm." (Medical ethics, Hippocratic Oath, Dr. Cairo)
"Liar by One OK Rock" - (Lies again.)
"The exchange of masks." - When I finally exposed him, our roles (masks) would be reversed.
"The Card Puzzle" - Was self explanatory if you look at the solution Drage posted.

A proxy disguised as a runner and a runner pretending to be a proxy.  It's a funny world, ain't it?

With that done, it's on to the next for me.  It's been real difficult staying in this same area for so long, a change of scenery should help.  My hometown's not far from here, maybe I'll swing in.  I know that learning about this thing won't save me.  Running... probably still won't save me but it will make me last longer.  So, I'm about ready to wash my hands of this.  I won't be posting here again.  I will monitor it just in case Cairo pops back up, but I've got some other problems to worry about.

- Not so fearful anymore,


P.S. - My talk about the Youtube password was a bluff.  Cairo didn't write that one down, so I can't get into it.  Otherwise I'd take the channel down to stop it from infecting people.  But I can't win em' all.


What's up Doc?

It's been almost 10 days.  What's the matter?  No witty comeback?  No threat?  No acknowledgement of my words simply to call them lies?



Fine.  Then I'll provide the narration.

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm not some average proxy.  Not some mentally dominated twat under the big man's thumb who likes to, as you say, tackle fucking everything.  No no.  I've got free will to spare, and I dOn't NEed To talk lIke this Most of thE time.  (One time means nothing.)  Truth be told, the only reason I did what I have up to this point was to get you people to pay attention and work out your grey matter, because it needs to be in shape if you want to survive.

Cairo's made you all weak.  He's handing you the answers.  Enabling people to TLDR; their way out of training themselves.  Let's say you're victimized next.  Who's better prepared to survive... someone who read Dreams in Darkness and Seeking Truth and riddled everything out for themselves or someone who just skimmed through the Compilations?  That's not his only crime, but it certainly counts for something.

As for the Doctor himself, I'm surprised so few of you have taken noticed of his absence.  I assure you, I've done nothing to him, aside from steal the password out of a notebook of his.  I've lost track of his whereabouts myself.  Then again, I don't pretend to understand the big man and why he does things. I'm looking into the situation.  Another guy disappeared at the same time, I think I'll start there.

Either way, I'll pull back the curtain soon enough.  Doctor, if/when you come back, feel free to delete this post.  It'll only help dig your own grave.

And for the sake of clarity, I'm not Cairo's benefactor.  I'm yours.

- F(x)B




Last night, I finally managed to gain access to the Facebook group Josh Rallus has been running.  If whoever is in control of it now is to be believed, Josh is dead.  The group name has been changed to "THEOBITUARIES".  A few recent posts:

1600 AM -- 03-29-11"

08-22-94 -- 03-27-11"


And the group description was changed.

KEEPER         [X]
OTHER           [_]

I haven't had time to read through the chat logs and everything else, but between what I did read and what I've learned through Cowboy Ghostie's own research (thank you for this) I feel like I have a handle on what's going on.

The Angel's Game mentioned in the notes received by the group is some kind of battle between supernatural forces... forces which appear to lack bodies of their own, and must thus inhabit the bodies of humans, possessing them.  The names refer to:

DWELLER - The being who inhabited Josh, left him messages during the times he blacked out, and occasionally took control of him in the facebook chat with others.

KEEPER - Josh Rallus, now deceased. 

CREATURE - I must assume, the Slender Man.

OTHER - Unsure

DREAMER - Alana, now deceased.


Neither the Josh nor the Dweller was in control of the account last night.  The entity whose identity I'm unsure of claimed that following Alana's death, Josh attempted suicide.  The Dweller tried to keep him alive, but failed, and both of them died as a result.  The name of the facebook account was then changed to "Emet Rotter".


Who is this entitiy?  And who is the entity in control of Austin, acting as bag head?  I would assume OTHER and COLLECTOR, but I don't know which.

Going back through my inbox, something else occurred to me.  Back in January, Josh contacted me looking for help.  I sent both him and Austin information that I felt might help them.  Josh's response was normal.  Austin's... I'll just post it.

"The other two won't listen to me. This thing is hideous, efficient. It speaks to me sometimes. It tells me things. Terrible things. Haha. It knows so much. It wants to consume. HAHAHAHAHAHA"

Perhaps Austin isn't inhabited by an entity at all.  Perhaps he's a proxy under the Slender Man's influence.  His dress and behavior patterns are consistent with it.  I never heard back from Austin again after this.


Emet.  We share a moniker, but I know not if you are with or against us.  I will be watching closely.

There's also been major developments with Zeke Strahm's investigation of Damien O'Connor's case. Too much for me to handle right now.  Going to immerse in school work to stop thinking about it for a while.

It's Alex Kralie's birthday.  I feel like something might happen tonight.


Lots and Lots of Setbacks

The con yesterday was... kind of a disaster.  Didn't get approached by anyone looking for me, but I just couldn't enjoy myself.  Got a bit of nausea and that nasty feeling of being watched one usually gets when He's around, but I never saw him.  I suspect my cosplay probably had something to do with that "watched" feeling, but still...

Anyway, right around dinner time I started coughing and realized the battery on my camera was dead.  I had to leave early, and still felt followed the whole way home.  I passed out in the evening and woke up feeling like crap around noon today.  I really hate passing out like that without meaning to sleep.  I've had a history of it happening long before I ever knew any of this, but it's taken a more disturbing tone in light of these events.

An apology for the lack of videos in the last week or so... schoolwork has been vast and time-consuming, including a group project for a 50-minute presentation about Bloody Poetry, tcom scene treatments and a screenplay all due in the next few weeks, I've been pretty tied up.  In the meantime, I can at least try to keep people updated on things.  Now... the setbacks I mentioned:

Jay began to tweet about being unable to open his Youtube. Then slowly tweeted himself out of conciousness, then this happened.

So... was Alex haunted as a child long ago? Did someone like totheark edit an old home movie to make it appear so? What happened to Jay?

Poor Alana. I doubt she survived that. I'm still unclear on the facebook assets of this case, so I'm not sure if we know for sure who Baghead is.

Retroactive, but still. I shat brix and am particularly worried for how much Noah's sanity is slipping here.

The only step forward, if we wish to call it that, is that Jeff and the others got a step closer to Dr. Corenthal, and get burned for it. Hopefully the items from the storage unit will yield some useful information.

Everyone's been facing major setbacks in the last week or so.  I know things usually get worse and don't get better in these situations.  Just wish we all could have made some kind of progress by now.  I've been trying to figure out Benefactor puzzle based on some of your suggestions.  Still no progress, though like I said, I haven't had much time.  Let me know if you find anything.

P.S. A lot of people have been tweeting/messaging me about certain videos.  Please check the playlists on my channel before you do.  If it's on the Playlist, I've seen it already.  Thanks.


Benefactor Makes Me Watch A Duran Duran Ad... Oh Yeah, and everything we thought we knew was wrong


Got a tip from @Arkwatch that Benefactor favorited something on the Youtube, so I went to his channel to see.  As I opened his channel, I got hit full in the face with an ad for Duran Duran before the video played. (Jeez asshole, couldn't find ad-free version of it anywhere?)  It was a music video for a band I hadn't heard of.  The video itself... MASKS... MASKS EVERYWHERE.

I think he likes just throwing music at us to figure out what he's trying to say.  Don't get me wrong, I'm liking the tracks so far.   I'd like it a lot more if they weren't converted into... what's Josh call it... cryptic bullshit?  I figure it has to mean something since he's only ever used the channel to send such messages before.  Oh, and the background of his channel's changed... got some cards on it.  Take a look.

In other news...

Well... I don't even know what to say about this.  We don't even know how true it is.  Too many people have met/fought revenants, including the PTC, for me to fully believe it was a mass hallucination caused by the Slender Man.  Then again, if it was, he's far more powerful and INTELLIGENT then we've given him credit for.  And that truth seekers, is a terrifying prospect.

Given the above, I'm having a hard time figuring out His endgame.  If he's smart enough to do something like this, then I doubt he would be acting simply on instinct.  We've seen evidence in the past of people who have put words to his motive... the cult of Damien's parents... Conaghan... simply mad or perhaps more?

Noah's back.  We'll see what happens next.

- Dr. Cairo


The Deck List

Here is the list of the cards.  I'll add photos soon, but I've described the writing where I could.

All the cards with additional writing besides the corner writing are listed first, while all the rest are organized by suit.  The slashed-through Operator symbol he's been using, I'll refer to as the "benefactor symbol" below.


The two Joker cards have the following:
- When laid side by side, they form a message on both the front and back.
- Front Message: BET YOUR LIFE (with the benefactor symbol split between the two cards)
- On both cards the O in Joker has been altered to an Operator symbol.

- Corner Text - 52
- Written on the card, split between the two halves: The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his fate.  Entrusting his future to the cards, man clings to a dim hope.
- The Final Boss of the video game Persona 3 said this exact line, though I'm not sure why he'd reference it.  Of course, this isn't the first reference to Japanese pop-culture he's made.

 - Corner Text - 4D
 - On both ends, "rk" has been added to the A to spell "Ark", but then a line is drawn through them.
 - The brand name of the cards was written across the center of the spade, but it's been blacked out, and a benefactor symbol  was drawn around the spade

- Corner Text - 53
- Another benefactor symbol is drawn over the heart.
- Laughter is written all over the card: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

- Corner Text - 4E
- Words are used to create the lines in another benefactor symbol.  The phrases are repeated twice in each direction to create radial symmetry.  The diamond has a "?" in it, which I guess is the punctuation for all the phrases.
- "Am I Alive" - (The A in Am is the printed red A of the card)
- "Who"
- "Why does it kill"

- Both faces of all four King cards have been erased with either while paint or white out.  Aside from that, each only contains corner text.
- King of Clubs - 49
- King of Spades - 44
- King of Hearts - 54
- King of Diamonds - 4D

The rest of the cards contain only corner text.

Q - 4F
J - 43
10 - 45
9 - 45
8 - 4E
7 - 53
6 - 45
5 - 44
4 - 54
3 - 45
2 - 4F

Q - 48
J - 4E
10 - 44
9 - 54
8 - 43
7 - 52
6 - 4F
5 - 53
4 - 4C
3 - 48
2 - 45

Q - 4F
J - 45
10 - 4F
9 - 4F
8 - 54
7 - 54
6 - 55
5 - 52
4 - 54
3 - 49
2 - 49

Q - 4E
J - 52
10 - 52
9 - 49
8 - 41
7 - 46
6 - 45
5 - 43
4 - 46
3 - 49
2 - 41

Whew, that's everything.  Let me know if anyone comes up with sommething.


Intrusion and the Deck

Came back to school today.  Someone's been in my room while I was gone.  The "Stop" sign on the door had the Operator symbol slashed through.  I found this the inside of the door.
The Guy Fawkes mask I had in my room was missing.  The sheets were ripped off the bed and laying in the floor.  My Vincent Valentine figure was lying in the floor, along with an empty pizza box.  And finally, the little articulated statue had been moved and posed.
Benefactor's been here.  I called the campus cops to report a break in, but since nothing was stolen or missing aside from the mask they don't really believe me, and it's not like I can explain what's really going on here.  They are going to change my lock, but I doubt that will help.

Anyways, the deck of cards in that box is... I dunno, weird.  I'm trying to figure out what kind of message he's trying to send.  If I can't make any progress on the cards in the next day or two I'll post them up here and see if you can make anything out.

Yeah, it has the four faceless-king cards that were in thefifth.avi.  But there's a lot more.


In the Case of Josh Rallus (Also, Animals and Slender Man)

Everyone else here at home is asleep now... except me and my dog, so I can safely get on to update.  I've been having trouble keeping up with happenings in the active cases, what with being on the road and keeping people from getting suspicious.  Tonight though, I've caught up on Josh Rallus' case and, well, see for youself.

Josh linked this unlisted video on Friday (3/4), which I saw the day I left. Saturday morning he tweeted about heading out to Nathan's house with Austin and Spencer and since then, he's obviously been severely affected by something, as evidenced by his recent tweets. Amongst the messages were a number of URLs, encoded in ROT-13, that led to more hidden videos on his channel. I'm posting them here.

There is... a lot to discuss here.  My most pressing question here is if the entity attacking them at the end truly is the Slender Man?  He hasn't been seen wearing a hat in the videos previous to this, and the only record I know of at this point of Slender Man wearing a hat come from one of the Matthew Selby sketches from the Just Another Fool case... Is it an impostor or proxy dressed as him, or is his appearance undergoing an evolution?

From what I saw in the conclusion of the last video, it's some mirace Josh survived to be posting this.  Josh, we've spoken before... please try to contact me if there's anything I can do.  And be safe.  I hope your mental state can recover from this.

My dog hasn't been reacting or acting suspiciously since I got home, and I take that to be a good thing.  One assumes that animals can sense something so threatening and she'd give me some kind of sign if he was near.  We have precedent for this with Rocky (Alex Kralie's dog) and Sparky reacting to the Rake. But this got me thinking... what is Slender Man's relation/behavior with animals?  Does anyone have any stories to share about this?  Has he been known to attack animals?  Will animals attack him or simply flee?



Haven't seen or heard a peep from you-know-who or fearfulXbenefactor since I was recording this early in the morning on Friday... but let me tell you, it's really screwed up my Spring Break plans.  Yeah, shockingly I still had them, but I really don't want to take the chance of Him following me to my planned destination.  So what am I doing right now?  Be-bopping across the state to various relatives.  One night each.  All told maybe about 12 hours at each destination.  Unfortunately, I've on the last one.  I have little choice but to go "home"  until the school reopens on Sunday.

My parents... and the rest of my family... have no fucking clue what's going on here.  I've done everything in my power to keep them ignorant of the world of cosmic horrors just below the surface of my daily life.  As someone who grew up with a close-knit family and deep seated commitments to them... distancing myself from them has been a painful and trying experience.  But it's for the best... because they currently hold the most powerful card in the game...

Ignorance.  Ignorance, not truth is the strongest card to hold.  But Cairo, you may ask, then why all this work towards finding the Truth?  Because...  truth is the second strongest card.  And if you know ANYTHING, if you've seen anything, if you've so much as heard His name, you can never hold the ignorance card again.  We all start with it... but the moment you start playing the game you lose it and can never get it back.  And I'm doing everything in my power to keep them out of the game.

So... contact will be limited while I'm there.  Can't take the chance of them looking over my shoulder and asking what I'm working on.  I'll try and get what I'm working on now up tomorrow before I leave, if not, you'll have to wait for Sunday.  I pray nothing happens... if it does, I'll bolt for a hotel somewhere instead, although my limited funds may lead to a few nights in the car.

One last thing, please.  If anything ever happens with me... don't try to contact my family, my friends, or anyone else who knew me.  Don't drag them down with me.


I Shouldn't Have Done That

I let my guard down last night.  I am regretting it.

Late last night, eh, probably about 1:00 AM, I was filming a short video update for the Youtube channel.  Basically just a place for people to request blogs for compilation and a brief bit of me talking about "Liar" and the benefactor situation.  How did I let my guard down?

I had my door open.  I used to let it hang open all the time, so that I could talk with passerby and friends on the floor.  Invite them in to play some Smash Bros and what not.  I always close, lock and/or bar the door when I'm asleep or out.  But last night, for some reason, I had my door open, if only to feel a little less alone.

I saw what I can only assume was Benefactor.  Don't know who he was, but I got some kind of idea.  He was smaller than one might expect.  Dare I say it, Slender... *slaps self* Bad joke, sorry.  Jeans and a black hoodie with the hood drawn.  Couldn't make out any details of his hair or face as he had his back to me almost the whole time.  Well, he showed up at my door... evidently had the balls to leave a message on it with me standing right there.  Soon as I saw that envelope with the Operator Symbol on it I chased after him.  Unfortunately, he's quite fast and I'm quite fat. (This I plan to address over the summer, assuming I make it that far.)  He made it to those tunnels you saw in the Fire Alarm video and I lost him... it's kind of a maze down there with lots and lots of doors.

So, I made it back to the room and checked out that envelope.  You'll see what was in it shortly.  But that's not the reason I didn't sleep last night.

I found it odd I hadn't seen him since that day in January.


Update on The Benefactor Situation

Well... after that sign showed up on my door Wednesday night, I had planned another round of walking around my floor and asking "Who the fuck is fucking with me?" but I never had the chance.

It seems that fearfulXbenefactor or not only knows my campus, but my building as well... I suppose that shouldn't surprise me if he carved those initials into the elevator. He may very well be on this floor for all I know.

As previously stated, precautions have been taken. I've got a pocketknife now. I've packed an emergency supply bag in case I need to get moving quickly (thanks for the idea GreyouTT) and I bar my door at night in addition to locking it. Then again, that seems to do little good against some of these guys.

I wanna take a minute to examine what he's done so far.

While I felt he was fake at the time and basically ignored it, I went back and more closely examined thefirst.avi. The gist of the message is that this isn't a game and that I was going to die. Vague threat is vague. Although taken with thethird.avi, I guess that was my first warning.

thesecond.avi was just him standing in the center of campus and turning around slowly... with some kind of weird distortion in one part that was repeated. The audio, as discovered by Hellershanks, was a warped version of a single line from this song. It makes no fucking sense to me.

Then thethird.avi comes up yesterday and some things make sense.  He's pissed I ignored his "warning".  He put's up the stop sign and says "2 of 3".  Does that mean this is the second of three warnings?




I was asked about this on Twitter, and again, I have no clue what he means.  Last oath I took was in the cub scouts when I was 11.  Haven't testified on anything... I guess you consider the pledge of allegiance one but I don't see what that has to do with anything.  I'll let you know if anything comes to mind.

Going to finish a new video tonight.  everymanHYBRID compilation incoming.  (So yeah, I'm not stopping.  Up yours B(x)F.)



I've been sick the last few days.  No coughing.  At all.  Just obscenely, constantly exhausted.

Today I want to share my thoughts on what I'm sure everyone else is thinking of:

No word if Jay's seen this yet.

"you are broken"
"you cannot be fixed"

I speculate this is referring to Jay's missing memories. Now how is this message meant to be taken? A statement? A warning? A threat? Why has totheark been silent until now?

I've heard some speculation that the photo is of Alex Kralie, but I'm not quite sold on that. I can't make out the similarities aside from the glasses. Hopefully someone else will make a breakthrough on this.

Also heard about this other channel called "TheBoneCreekStory". It's apparently owned by two guys named Tim and Robbie who recently had their camera and laptop stolen, and videos from that camera were uploaded to MyDarkJournal. He's called DarkJournal an attention-whore (as have I).

 I've already caught in ambiguity in his story.  The "Hey Robbie" video he says he recorded and Journal uploaded, Tim's voice says that he's recording it on a droid phone, yet in this video he keeps referring to his camera being stolen.  Unless he's using them as synonyms, I'm a bit confused.

Finally, some of you may have already seen this, but I was only made aware of it yesterday.  I've been hiding my location for my safety, but fearfulXbenefactor clearly already knew where I was after that first video.  Now he's decided to give away my location to everyone, and there's not much I can do to stop him.  So, you'll all know eventually, and I might as well show you now.

Googling the sign at the end is all it takes to know where I am.  I still don't know if he's a real proxy or some dick on my floor being funny, but either way he's indirectly exposed me to danger now.  Also, the audio is weird... anyone have an idea what that sound is?  At all?


Like A Cosmic Nexus of Shit Hitting Various Fans


First off, a moment of silence for Mark from Outside Agents.  In all probability, he's dead or worse after that.

Second of all, seems I've caught the P.T.C.'s interest.  Not sure how I feel about that yet... they seem to be on our side but I've always had a distrust of secret organizations.  I tweeted about them telling you not to trust Nightcrawler back in January after there was a blog post saying they were hunting runners again, but since it's been [REDACTED] after the defection of B2, and may have very well been lies.  Or not.  Who knows.  We'll see how things play out.

Third, Josh and Austin got chased all over their neighborhood and got some more strange messages.

Fourth, Noah's Thanksgiving footage concluded today, and I'm a bit disturbed to say the least.  Three particular things I want point out... I'm gonna skip over the obvious for now, since the videos right there and it would be redundant.

First of all, there's an unexplained shadow figure present at the table while Noah, Sarah and her friend are playing their game.

Second, the man shown at the end of the second video seems to be different from the one shown in the last video.

The first seems to have a mustache and beard, and though obscured by the tape in the second pic, he appears clean shaven.  They may be two separate people, and he mentions joining "us"... and I'm all but sure that he/they are the Observer.  The question is, does "us" refer to a group collectively known as the Observer, or to The Observer and Slender Man as we had previously been led to believe.

And fifth, according to their Twitter, everymanHYBRID will be uploading the video of Alex's room tonight.

Last, and definitely least, I experienced a slight loss of time today... was walking through the campus and the next thing I knew I was in the Pub listening to a poetry slam.  Normally, that would freak me out, but after seeing what everyone else is going through at the moment, I feel lucky.

I normally don't care for poetry, but anyone who can make a poem about Super Mario Bros that includes a legitimate life lesson is OK with me.


Bracing for Thunder-snow

Lighting during a snow storm?  That's actually a thing?  Crap...

Currently bracing for this huge-record-breaking-super-special-awesome-super-storm, which is projected to drop between 6" and 16" by tomorrow at noon.  Got e-mail from most professors explaining the contingency procedures if classes are canceled.  Stocked up on food.  Just got to worry about the one big thing... if we get snowed in it'll be difficult to run if he shows up in the building.

Regardless, if they do cancel classes tomorrow, I'll spend the day compiling.  Assuming we still have power... not sure how sturdy the grid is here, but back home power would drop out if we got more than 3 inches.  I'm about 35% done with the next everymanHYBRID compilation atm.  After than, I'm thinking of taking on the second hidden video, and then going back to finish Seeking Truth and Dreams in Darkness's videos.

Oh, and read Robert Sage's new post.  Robert, if you're reading this, count me the fuck in.  I don't know how much I'll be able to do... but we'll come up with something.  And for everyone leaving me encouraging comments over the last few days, thanks.  It really helps keep my spirit up.



Haven't slept since I found that video on my camera.  Know I have to sleep sometime, but I just haven't been able too.  I mean... technically, nothings changed.  Whatever happened on that video happened a month ago and I just wasn't aware of it.  Of course, now that I know, I'm thinking about it constantly and that's making things worse.

Tried to get it out of my head by watching CNN all day.  Of course, doesn't help to keep hearing "Cairo" over and over, which brings my thoughts right back to the situation.  Dr. Cairo... how and why did I come up with that?  I don't remember anymore.  I confess that I'm scared... wouldn't be human if I wasn't.  But I've been trying to think logically in spite of that fear.

I still have time.  People usually have at least a few months from the time he shows up to the time he gets them.  Mind you, crazy shit happens during those months, but you're still alive.  People have been suggesting I run... I've even suggested it to people in the past. But recently, I've realized something.  That crazy shit will happen where ever you are... whether you're hanging around your house attending college or living the runners life on a rooftop.  Crazy shit happens.  And I'd rather deal with that shit from a familiar place with a support system than a city where you can get killed in a mugging just as easily as he can get you.

Proxies... screw em.  Right now, I'm concerned with one thing, vigilance for when He shows up.  MyDarkJournal, See0ker0x, fearfulXbenefactor... if any of them shows up in person, then I'll give a damn.  And they'll meet mister un-specified weapon purchased this afternoon.  But for now, they're just trolls to me.

Looking back on the last few days, I got way too cocky.  I'm back in reality again.  As for the video itself, you know as much as I do.  I can't see Him anywhere in there, but the picture is just so messed up from distortions.

One of you mentioned the way that the Compilation videos I uploaded that day got screwed up in rendering.  Hadn't thought of it, but I suppose it's possible.  There's a few other things that happened while I was home that I hadn't considered as well... we had the family Christmas party at my uncle's a week before Christmas, and the circuit breakers kept blowing.  I also fell asleep for an hour or so while the realitives were drinking, though I really think I was just tired.  My cell phone charger also went inexplicably missing while I was home so I had to go buy a new one, but it's probably just behind some furniture somewhere... I doubt slender man goes around stealing people's cell phone chargers...

That was my pathetic attempt at being funny.  I'm useless on some days.


Ending Title Card Explanation

So, for the inaugural post, I'll explain something a lot of people have been asking about... those little white title cards that show up along with white noise at the end of some COMPILATIONS.  I never really elaborated about them before... was waiting for someone to pick up the pattern and today someone did.

The messages appear at the end of COMPILATIONS that "conclude" that case.  Thus far they've appeared on three, all of which have concluded. They're semi-cryptic messages that reflect some aspect of the case, meant to provoke thought.  So far, we have the following:

Just Another Fool - "GREATER TRUTH REMAINS" 
Elements of the mystery, such as the "truly concious beings" and messages from the notebooks remain unsolved. There is still a greater truth to be discovered.

Something Awful - "THE TRUTH REMAINS A BLUR" 
We don't know the real story behind the house Asylum uncovered: be it a manifestation by the Slender Man or something else...

Elizabeth, and a great many other runners, tend to keep certain information to themselves. She lied to everyone about her Mother and about her knowledge of Slender Man before her grandmother's death.

The last one applies to a ton of people... myself included.  I hide my true identity... where I am... some of the measures I've taken for my protection.  Different people have different reasons for it... some justified, some not.  It's just part of the life one lives when in this situation.

Sorry for not explaining this earlier.  The way I saw it... if you're in deep enough to be following compileTRUTH, you ought to be used to this kind of thing by now.  Or at least need practice finding their meaning.

Also, I initially had trouble deciding how to end the videos when I wasn't using a "End of Part X" tag.  Just saying.

For Improved Communication

It's Cairo.  Yeah, I did it.  compileTRUTH has a blog now.

The reason is quite simple.  Sometimes I have some thoughts... which are too complex to tweet about (without breaking it up into five or six tweets) but not important enough (or too boring) to make a video on.  Also, a number of you have expressed a wish to be able to communicate with me more directly, without cluttering up Youtube comments or the Twitter Feed.  The comments section here should do nicely.

So, I'll post here about some different things... I'll tweet a link when I post here to make it easier on all involved.  Theories, answers to questions, explanations.  We'll see how things develop.