Found Him

We picked up Dr. Zelphest yesterday after he contacted us looking for help.  You may have seen the updates to his Youtube channel:

I'd be lying if I told you I had the slightest clue what's going on here. Woke up in a park about 30 minutes ago. My phone says is May 13... last time I checked it was April 12. 
I just got to a library to try and contact someone and I'm locked out of my Twitter and my Blog. Looks like Benefactor did some major damage to my credibility before Specter could lock him out. I swear to god everyone, none of it is true. What reason has he given ANY of you to believe it? 
Trying to get my bearings, figure out what the hell happened... where I am... where I'm going next. Obviously I don't wanna go home or back to the school. I have to make a call. I'll try and post again before night's end.
We picked him up in a little suburban town about a hundred miles from his last known location.  We've been interrogating him ever since and he's stuck to that story.  When we got him he was clean shaven and in relatively fresh clothes.  It's unusual for anyone to turn up like that after going missing.

We'll be done later tonight.  If he cracks and turns out to be on the wrong side, we've discussed what happens.  If he checks out innocent, he'll need a day or two to recuperate from the interrogation, but then we'll pass the reigns back to him and let him resume his research.  Regardless, we'll be keeping a much closer watch for everyone's sake.  Best case scenario, he'll be back to his compilation videos next week.

- Specter


  1. Reins. Like reindeer.
    Also, good. His videos are useful.

  2. Hey! Well done, gents! Knew he would turn up.

  3. Congrats Specter, I wish you luck in the interrogation. Maybe now we can finally get this all sorted out.

  4. So, since he's posted a new Compilation I guess you let him go? Does that mean he's not a Proxy? Or is he posting videos from inside a secret prison?

  5. Haha, 'secret prison'... the only secret prison there is in the world is the human mind.

  6. The Box is a prison. Was a secret one, until it was blogged about.

    As for you Anonymous, I (Dr. Cairo) am once again in control of all my accounts. I'm in the PTC's protective custody, but am being allowed to continue my research for now.