Fresh Investigators Who Ought to Turn Back

The therapy thing got moved around... they moved me to Mondays instead.  I'll be putting up a bit of our first conversation in a bit... smuggled in a recording device since my memory has never been that great.  But first...

Recently got a tip-off from one of my contacts about this blog.  I thought the case of What You Are In The Dark was closed.  I had stopped paying attention, and somehow these escaped my notice in the feed.

Derek.  I don't know why Reach would willingly attempt to pass his haunting on to you... I know you believe it was a work of fiction inherent to his delusions.  Good.  Keep thinking that.  But stop trying to prove it because you may not be able to and in the process, you're trying your own noose.

Different subject, same message.  Whoever currently controls BeyondTheNeon, whether it's a possessed Issac or someone else, you've caught their attention.  I'm not sure how deep you're in yet.  You might be able to turn back, but know that if you continue to search for Issac you're own safety is not guaranteed.

What I've seen with Mike and Morgan has verified for me something that I and some others have suspected for a while.  If you're firmly grounded in the idea... the idea that this isn't real, that HE isn't real... he can't touch you.  That ignorance card I mentioned some time ago IS a viable option.  It's too late for me.  It's too late for a lot of you.  They... they still have a chance.  So you two... I implore you, put it out of your mind.  You're lives will be better and longer for it.


Status: Better than expected

First, let me apologize for my absence for the last week or so.  Things were happening very quickly and this is the first time I was able to get back online since then.

First things first.  My parents.  They're OK.  My mother turned up on June 27th... she'd been out of town staying with my grandparents, and hadn't been experiencing any paranormal activity at all.  My father, is evidently still on his business trip in China he left on in April, has had his trip home delayed several times but is otherwise fine.

So while they're both alive... they're both very distraught over the time I was missing.  Don't know about my father's thoughts on it, but my mother is convinced I'm either mentally ill or lying about where I was and what I was doing.  Morgan did show her compileTRUTH and this blog and I honestly don't know what to tell her.  Even to lie to her and say I was off doing something horrible is preferable to the alternative of the truth in this situation.  And don't even get me started on what I had to do to explain that car the PTC provided.  Like Morgan and Mike, both my parents are firmly grounded in the idea that all of this is fictional, and I think that might be why they're safe for now.

For the time being, I've agreed to go see a therapist for... "this".  Whatever "this" means.  Today was the first day since then she's let me out of her sight long enough to use the computer.  Seems there's been some major movement on cases during that time I need to catch up on. When no one else is around of course.

Today... I'm trying to figure out what to do about Mike and Morgan.  What they did... they meant well.  They didn't meant to expose my family to danger.  I hold no grudge against them.  But the next time we see each other will be awkward to say the least.

The therapy sessions start Tuesday.  For now, I'm just going to sit here with my evil detecting dog and see what kinda shit Jay's gotten himself into now.

Stay safe truth seekers.

- Dr. Cairo