Fresh Investigators Who Ought to Turn Back

The therapy thing got moved around... they moved me to Mondays instead.  I'll be putting up a bit of our first conversation in a bit... smuggled in a recording device since my memory has never been that great.  But first...

Recently got a tip-off from one of my contacts about this blog.  I thought the case of What You Are In The Dark was closed.  I had stopped paying attention, and somehow these escaped my notice in the feed.

Derek.  I don't know why Reach would willingly attempt to pass his haunting on to you... I know you believe it was a work of fiction inherent to his delusions.  Good.  Keep thinking that.  But stop trying to prove it because you may not be able to and in the process, you're trying your own noose.

Different subject, same message.  Whoever currently controls BeyondTheNeon, whether it's a possessed Issac or someone else, you've caught their attention.  I'm not sure how deep you're in yet.  You might be able to turn back, but know that if you continue to search for Issac you're own safety is not guaranteed.

What I've seen with Mike and Morgan has verified for me something that I and some others have suspected for a while.  If you're firmly grounded in the idea... the idea that this isn't real, that HE isn't real... he can't touch you.  That ignorance card I mentioned some time ago IS a viable option.  It's too late for me.  It's too late for a lot of you.  They... they still have a chance.  So you two... I implore you, put it out of your mind.  You're lives will be better and longer for it.


  1. In response to blog post titled "Morgan": I have seen some of the MH videos and all of the EMH, TribeTwelve and your videos and I haven't seen The Tall One yet. Is there something protecting me or something? I'm a little confused.

    Also, how do I get my blogger link and photo up?
    I can't use my google Account
    It isn't working.

  2. If he is truly a physical manifestation of the combined consciousness of humanity and can be affected as such, Why are so many people failing to overcome him.

    If he is affected by what people believe, and a person becomes aware of this fact, It should become like a lucid dream, and the dreamer should be able to warp it as he wish's. Some of the other members of my organization finds this principle similar to a role playing game called Mage the Ascension, where "Magic" is caused by the realization that reality can be rewoven by those who awaken to that Idea. Nonetheless, shouldn't this mean we can just kill it by believing we can?

    2 theories come into mind. The first is that the majority of people who believe in him do not believe he is kill-able, and that one person believing otherwise is not "Potent" enough to change that fact. The other is that perhaps he is not solely birthed from human thought, but rather an entity that rides on that thought. Slender man was not born simply because we believe it, but because some entity took the form of this thing when we began to believe. A form that unnerves us, provokes us, strikes fear in us, and stimulates an unconscious thought that this thing cannot be stopped, and that we should just run.

    Still, Just theories. But somethign to test later.


  3. Slenderman reminds me of the main plot behind New Nightmare (the one where Freddy leaks out into the real world). Freddy (in this case Slendy) is a pre-existing entity, but needs human will power and belief to actually do stuff. Difference being, in New Nightmare they're able to contain the entity through film, while in Slenderman "Mythos", depending on the 'series', it either seems to be neutral to him (it?) or have a negative or magnetic affect.