She's a friend of mine from high school.  Moved away to Alabama our senior year.  Got an e-mail today.  She's back in Ohio, and some idiot put her through all of Marble Hornets as a practical joke.  And now, she's having activity around her.


To be completely honest, she's been mailing me for the past few months.  We kept in contact after she moved, but since I started distancing myself from everyone when this started I'd been communicating with her less frequently.  Same for all my old friends.  I thought that would help keep them out of it.  Seems I was wrong.

I had seen her messages grow slowly more upset when I went through the month worth of them where I was missing.  I never replied back to her once I was here. Thought it would be best on everyone's part if they thought I was dead or something.  They'd be upset, but that's better than the alternative.  Today's e-mail was the first to mention anything Slender-related... I guess about a week ago someone showed it to her and it really freaked her out.   It could just be nothing and it's her own paranoia, or she's just yet another victim for Him.  I'm not a betting man.  And even if I was I wouldn't put any money on the prior.  Not after what we've all seen.  And yet if the latter is true... my presence could agitate the situation, and it's not like I'd actually be able to protect her if I went.  We're both equally weak and strength in numbers doesn't really apply.  Even if I was to try and go meet her, I'm under protective custody.  Not sure they'll let me just walk out of here.

I haven't even sent her a message back yet.  I'm not sure if I should.



I've been here a month now.  I still can't quite get used to it.

And I apologize for my inactivity since then.  Concentrating around here has been... difficult.  The interrogation following my arrival at the PTC was... I'm not really allowed to say, but I think my pain tolerance threshold gained a few levels.  The limp is almost gone now.

I spent probably the first week or so just resting and trying to rebuild my mental stamina.  The PTC went back to the college and recovered some of my belongings like my laptop.  Put it through the wringer on analysis looking for evidence that I may have been a proxy... the only thing on there I was guilty of was some pirated media and some really, really bad fan fiction from freshman year.   Anyway, I finished up the then work in progress Compilation - Dreams in Darkness Part 5, but since then I've been unable to focus on anything.

Not for lack of trying.  There's just been plenty of interesting stuff around here and plenty of time to think.  It feels safer here than at the school... I know that HE can get anywhere, and I've certainly gotten that bad feeling from time to time like I'm being watched, but I'm reasonably certain Benefactor and the like can't get in here.  And I've been thinking long and hard about Benefactor too, but more on that later.

I've not necessarily been under lock and key... I've got access to most of the unrestricted parts of the facility, and have been out of it a few times.  It's dependent on where the off-duty personnel are going for their leisure time, but I've been permitted to tag along a few times.  Good to get my mind off things.  Can't tell you WHERE without giving the location away, but there's been some interesting sights.

On base, I spent some time in the science wing but I was quickly banned from there.  Goggles got a bit annoyed with all my questions about Tablet and PATCH.  That or it was all the Skynet jokes.  Other major on base happenings... well...

Week 2 they brought me out to witness a proxy execution.  Not entirely sure why... unless they were still suspicious of me and trying to intimidate me.  It was... not a clean execution.  Six or seven proxies, eight men firing squad style, but with automatic weapons.  Then the janitor is called.  I still cringe as I type this.

And then earlier this week, I bore witness to one of the famed PTC funerals, for two of the men killed in Operation Big Game Hunting. Not as funny as we were led to believe.  You've probably never seen what a hand grenade does to a cadaver.  I have.  I wish I hadn't.  At least I'm prepared if I ever find the body of a Slender victim.  Slightly less gruesome possibly.

And thank god I was in my room on Monday morning when the base got attacked.  I just hid under the bed.  Not ashamed of that, people out there trying to kill each other with automatic weapons and all, and I'm just a college student who's completely out of place here.

I'm not sure what's going on with Benefactor.  Either he stopped paying attention when he thought I was dead and hasn't noticed that I'm back, or something happened to him.  If he was dead that would solve a lot of problems, but somehow I doubt it, unless he was one of those proxies who got plastered on the wall at the execution area.  He may be waiting for something.  I don't know.  I just know he's got a lot to answer for.