Update on The Benefactor Situation

Well... after that sign showed up on my door Wednesday night, I had planned another round of walking around my floor and asking "Who the fuck is fucking with me?" but I never had the chance.

It seems that fearfulXbenefactor or not only knows my campus, but my building as well... I suppose that shouldn't surprise me if he carved those initials into the elevator. He may very well be on this floor for all I know.

As previously stated, precautions have been taken. I've got a pocketknife now. I've packed an emergency supply bag in case I need to get moving quickly (thanks for the idea GreyouTT) and I bar my door at night in addition to locking it. Then again, that seems to do little good against some of these guys.

I wanna take a minute to examine what he's done so far.

While I felt he was fake at the time and basically ignored it, I went back and more closely examined thefirst.avi. The gist of the message is that this isn't a game and that I was going to die. Vague threat is vague. Although taken with thethird.avi, I guess that was my first warning.

thesecond.avi was just him standing in the center of campus and turning around slowly... with some kind of weird distortion in one part that was repeated. The audio, as discovered by Hellershanks, was a warped version of a single line from this song. It makes no fucking sense to me.

Then thethird.avi comes up yesterday and some things make sense.  He's pissed I ignored his "warning".  He put's up the stop sign and says "2 of 3".  Does that mean this is the second of three warnings?




I was asked about this on Twitter, and again, I have no clue what he means.  Last oath I took was in the cub scouts when I was 11.  Haven't testified on anything... I guess you consider the pledge of allegiance one but I don't see what that has to do with anything.  I'll let you know if anything comes to mind.

Going to finish a new video tonight.  everymanHYBRID compilation incoming.  (So yeah, I'm not stopping.  Up yours B(x)F.)



I've been sick the last few days.  No coughing.  At all.  Just obscenely, constantly exhausted.

Today I want to share my thoughts on what I'm sure everyone else is thinking of:

No word if Jay's seen this yet.

"you are broken"
"you cannot be fixed"

I speculate this is referring to Jay's missing memories. Now how is this message meant to be taken? A statement? A warning? A threat? Why has totheark been silent until now?

I've heard some speculation that the photo is of Alex Kralie, but I'm not quite sold on that. I can't make out the similarities aside from the glasses. Hopefully someone else will make a breakthrough on this.

Also heard about this other channel called "TheBoneCreekStory". It's apparently owned by two guys named Tim and Robbie who recently had their camera and laptop stolen, and videos from that camera were uploaded to MyDarkJournal. He's called DarkJournal an attention-whore (as have I).

 I've already caught in ambiguity in his story.  The "Hey Robbie" video he says he recorded and Journal uploaded, Tim's voice says that he's recording it on a droid phone, yet in this video he keeps referring to his camera being stolen.  Unless he's using them as synonyms, I'm a bit confused.

Finally, some of you may have already seen this, but I was only made aware of it yesterday.  I've been hiding my location for my safety, but fearfulXbenefactor clearly already knew where I was after that first video.  Now he's decided to give away my location to everyone, and there's not much I can do to stop him.  So, you'll all know eventually, and I might as well show you now.

Googling the sign at the end is all it takes to know where I am.  I still don't know if he's a real proxy or some dick on my floor being funny, but either way he's indirectly exposed me to danger now.  Also, the audio is weird... anyone have an idea what that sound is?  At all?


Like A Cosmic Nexus of Shit Hitting Various Fans


First off, a moment of silence for Mark from Outside Agents.  In all probability, he's dead or worse after that.

Second of all, seems I've caught the P.T.C.'s interest.  Not sure how I feel about that yet... they seem to be on our side but I've always had a distrust of secret organizations.  I tweeted about them telling you not to trust Nightcrawler back in January after there was a blog post saying they were hunting runners again, but since it's been [REDACTED] after the defection of B2, and may have very well been lies.  Or not.  Who knows.  We'll see how things play out.

Third, Josh and Austin got chased all over their neighborhood and got some more strange messages.

Fourth, Noah's Thanksgiving footage concluded today, and I'm a bit disturbed to say the least.  Three particular things I want point out... I'm gonna skip over the obvious for now, since the videos right there and it would be redundant.

First of all, there's an unexplained shadow figure present at the table while Noah, Sarah and her friend are playing their game.

Second, the man shown at the end of the second video seems to be different from the one shown in the last video.

The first seems to have a mustache and beard, and though obscured by the tape in the second pic, he appears clean shaven.  They may be two separate people, and he mentions joining "us"... and I'm all but sure that he/they are the Observer.  The question is, does "us" refer to a group collectively known as the Observer, or to The Observer and Slender Man as we had previously been led to believe.

And fifth, according to their Twitter, everymanHYBRID will be uploading the video of Alex's room tonight.

Last, and definitely least, I experienced a slight loss of time today... was walking through the campus and the next thing I knew I was in the Pub listening to a poetry slam.  Normally, that would freak me out, but after seeing what everyone else is going through at the moment, I feel lucky.

I normally don't care for poetry, but anyone who can make a poem about Super Mario Bros that includes a legitimate life lesson is OK with me.


Bracing for Thunder-snow

Lighting during a snow storm?  That's actually a thing?  Crap...

Currently bracing for this huge-record-breaking-super-special-awesome-super-storm, which is projected to drop between 6" and 16" by tomorrow at noon.  Got e-mail from most professors explaining the contingency procedures if classes are canceled.  Stocked up on food.  Just got to worry about the one big thing... if we get snowed in it'll be difficult to run if he shows up in the building.

Regardless, if they do cancel classes tomorrow, I'll spend the day compiling.  Assuming we still have power... not sure how sturdy the grid is here, but back home power would drop out if we got more than 3 inches.  I'm about 35% done with the next everymanHYBRID compilation atm.  After than, I'm thinking of taking on the second hidden video, and then going back to finish Seeking Truth and Dreams in Darkness's videos.

Oh, and read Robert Sage's new post.  Robert, if you're reading this, count me the fuck in.  I don't know how much I'll be able to do... but we'll come up with something.  And for everyone leaving me encouraging comments over the last few days, thanks.  It really helps keep my spirit up.