Like A Cosmic Nexus of Shit Hitting Various Fans


First off, a moment of silence for Mark from Outside Agents.  In all probability, he's dead or worse after that.

Second of all, seems I've caught the P.T.C.'s interest.  Not sure how I feel about that yet... they seem to be on our side but I've always had a distrust of secret organizations.  I tweeted about them telling you not to trust Nightcrawler back in January after there was a blog post saying they were hunting runners again, but since it's been [REDACTED] after the defection of B2, and may have very well been lies.  Or not.  Who knows.  We'll see how things play out.

Third, Josh and Austin got chased all over their neighborhood and got some more strange messages.

Fourth, Noah's Thanksgiving footage concluded today, and I'm a bit disturbed to say the least.  Three particular things I want point out... I'm gonna skip over the obvious for now, since the videos right there and it would be redundant.

First of all, there's an unexplained shadow figure present at the table while Noah, Sarah and her friend are playing their game.

Second, the man shown at the end of the second video seems to be different from the one shown in the last video.

The first seems to have a mustache and beard, and though obscured by the tape in the second pic, he appears clean shaven.  They may be two separate people, and he mentions joining "us"... and I'm all but sure that he/they are the Observer.  The question is, does "us" refer to a group collectively known as the Observer, or to The Observer and Slender Man as we had previously been led to believe.

And fifth, according to their Twitter, everymanHYBRID will be uploading the video of Alex's room tonight.

Last, and definitely least, I experienced a slight loss of time today... was walking through the campus and the next thing I knew I was in the Pub listening to a poetry slam.  Normally, that would freak me out, but after seeing what everyone else is going through at the moment, I feel lucky.

I normally don't care for poetry, but anyone who can make a poem about Super Mario Bros that includes a legitimate life lesson is OK with me.


  1. Cairo-
    I would also like to mention that something, more likely than not something bad, happened to Alex today. ( http://www.youtube.com/user/DocumentingParanoia )

    She posted Video 11 on her channel. Its description at the time said "Please someone figure this out". The video consists of her singing a section of Frank Sinatra's "I've got you under my skin" and Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night". She also Favorited The Beatles "Help". Shortly thereafter the description of video 11 was changed to "Too late", and the description of video 6 (which was a video she had taken of a reflection in her lamp's base. Undetermined if it was Slenderman or some other creature) was changed to "Silly girl" and then shortly after that, set to private. Effectively hiding the video from everyone and any proof that she had of not being "crazy" as she was beginning to believe.

    She responded to one person on video 11 claiming she is fine, but I frankly don't believe that at all.

  2. I find it important to note that his twitter post saying the video had an error rendering at 85% is almost exactly where that edited in text saying "Having fun?" was placed in the video, about 11 minutes in.

  3. Life is stress and hell for a lot of people, even those who don't have to deal with Slendy. I wonder if the general psychic malaise is making folks more vulnerable to It's attentions. If awareness leads to affliction, maybe stress makes it go faster.

  4. Gonna add in a note that it looks like Reach from What You Are in the Dark and Ava from the London Librarian are in trouble. Current assumption going off of Ava's last post is that they went to quarry and got separated. Ava...she hasn't updated since one very terrifying post last night.

  5. And a side note from me as well: Holly Ven of Harmonic Paradox is starting to lose a little bit of time, also including a coded post she doesn't remember posting. I figure since you were the smartest one here, maybe you could help me decode it. I've tried the usual ciphers, but had no luck.

    Epw avejv eodcehm vvawaz- Nhf, rocqjv, ggszx zz bv?
    Wlr szgpnmlz zmlmw kii hsaschtg, cxo cwa hzpkn'g vqe.
    Zb'y o xdre, esqf wffhk; wp'l h qrnw sx rlbtt
    iip oy xttx jbuh t emc.

    Any idea?


  6. Dr. Zelphest, I want this to be known.

    We ARE on the same side, and we can be trusted to that extent, if not further. However, the P.T.C.'s methods and overall goals may not precisely coincide with your own. My people are in this for the money, but not in the traditional 'hurhur control paranormal activity for evulz and $$$!' way. We're fighting the Slender Man, in the most brutally efficient way we can, for the money. More charitable individuals finance our operations and pay our salaries. The higher-ups genuinely want an idealistic outcome. Those of us actually dealing with the problem first-hand are selfish bastards who want to go shoot something, drag it back to the labs, dissect it, compile the proper forms to show the results to the people at Central Command, and then go home and watch TV.

    I wanted you to know that up front. We can be trusted. We just won't be your friends about it.


  7. Be careful Doc, I think your in the memory-gap stage now. Use the information you have on HIM to your advantage.

    Remember, If you ever need any help just send out the call.


  8. The P.T.C. has put a bad feeling in my stomach when I read over some of their blogs. I'm the same as you, where I could never put trust in secret organizations. I'm one of those types that like to know everything.

    Please try and watch out for yourself, I'm sure a lot of us would be worried if something happened.

    And for your memory lapses, I try and tell myself what I'm doing as I'm doing it in my mind or out loud when I can, and it's been helping me some. Mind you I haven't had to do it since I was a child but it's coming in handy for me now, you should try it out maybe it'll help?


  9. You and the others aren't the only ones that are in trouble. I think I may encounter the tall guy a few days ago and now I'm starting to have some weird ass dreams.

  10. Yaknow...this may be irrelevant, however.. Cairo, you know how you and some of the others have been having missing time? I've been having strange bouts of elongated time.. I'll start working on something, and it will be say 12:00. I'll do 3-4 hours work and look down and only 30 minutes to an hour has gone by. Its probably nothing but I thought i'd mention it.

  11. mario takes coins
    overcoming obstacles
    as we all must do