Update on The Benefactor Situation

Well... after that sign showed up on my door Wednesday night, I had planned another round of walking around my floor and asking "Who the fuck is fucking with me?" but I never had the chance.

It seems that fearfulXbenefactor or not only knows my campus, but my building as well... I suppose that shouldn't surprise me if he carved those initials into the elevator. He may very well be on this floor for all I know.

As previously stated, precautions have been taken. I've got a pocketknife now. I've packed an emergency supply bag in case I need to get moving quickly (thanks for the idea GreyouTT) and I bar my door at night in addition to locking it. Then again, that seems to do little good against some of these guys.

I wanna take a minute to examine what he's done so far.

While I felt he was fake at the time and basically ignored it, I went back and more closely examined thefirst.avi. The gist of the message is that this isn't a game and that I was going to die. Vague threat is vague. Although taken with thethird.avi, I guess that was my first warning.

thesecond.avi was just him standing in the center of campus and turning around slowly... with some kind of weird distortion in one part that was repeated. The audio, as discovered by Hellershanks, was a warped version of a single line from this song. It makes no fucking sense to me.

Then thethird.avi comes up yesterday and some things make sense.  He's pissed I ignored his "warning".  He put's up the stop sign and says "2 of 3".  Does that mean this is the second of three warnings?




I was asked about this on Twitter, and again, I have no clue what he means.  Last oath I took was in the cub scouts when I was 11.  Haven't testified on anything... I guess you consider the pledge of allegiance one but I don't see what that has to do with anything.  I'll let you know if anything comes to mind.

Going to finish a new video tonight.  everymanHYBRID compilation incoming.  (So yeah, I'm not stopping.  Up yours B(x)F.)


  1. I think I have an idea of what he means... and I think you do too, but you're overlooking it and taking it for granted.

    It's your "oath" to search for the truth. It might be that he isn't convinced that your following up on that, though my guess is as good as yours on what the specifics are of his idea of searching for truth.

    That's the best guess I can come up with now. I hope it's helped you somewhat.

  2. Glad I could help somehow Doc. Stay safe man.

  3. Maybe you can set a cam up in your hallway


  4. Cairo,
    Seems you've hit quite the impasse, huh? You make a good point though in one of your videos - most Truth Seekers will get caught someday.
    I want to ask you a few questions.
    First of all, where do you live? I'm guessing you live somewhere in the States, correct? If you live in Canada... well, I'm screwed. I'm a Canadian, so I'm safe up here. The bad shit will start to happen once Slender Man starts to hit more people up here.
    Second, where the hell did you get that headband wiht the Operator symbol carved in it?!
    ... I want it... haha. Let me guess: you bought a Naruto headband from a cosplay site and then drew/carved it into the metal?? Either way, I want one.
    I think that's it. I'd like to stay in contact with you, Cairo. Send me a couple emails sometime, keep me in the loop (I don't watch your videos very often because of my shitty Youtube, and I don't follow twitter sites at all). I'm pretty sure my email is posted on my profile.
    Peace be with you, Cairo.

  5. Going off what Origami said, you could set up a hidden camera in your room and leave it recording. And when something happens, review the footage of that day/night to see how and when it happened.

    Be careful and stay safe Doc.


  6. Yo, Dr. Cairo. Someone finished your experiment:

  7. Interesting. I'll be watching you.