Bracing for Thunder-snow

Lighting during a snow storm?  That's actually a thing?  Crap...

Currently bracing for this huge-record-breaking-super-special-awesome-super-storm, which is projected to drop between 6" and 16" by tomorrow at noon.  Got e-mail from most professors explaining the contingency procedures if classes are canceled.  Stocked up on food.  Just got to worry about the one big thing... if we get snowed in it'll be difficult to run if he shows up in the building.

Regardless, if they do cancel classes tomorrow, I'll spend the day compiling.  Assuming we still have power... not sure how sturdy the grid is here, but back home power would drop out if we got more than 3 inches.  I'm about 35% done with the next everymanHYBRID compilation atm.  After than, I'm thinking of taking on the second hidden video, and then going back to finish Seeking Truth and Dreams in Darkness's videos.

Oh, and read Robert Sage's new post.  Robert, if you're reading this, count me the fuck in.  I don't know how much I'll be able to do... but we'll come up with something.  And for everyone leaving me encouraging comments over the last few days, thanks.  It really helps keep my spirit up.


  1. Nice to see you in better spirits. Don't forget, we're all in this together.

  2. God, that freaks me out. I'm almost snowed in already. I haven't been sleeping thanks to nightmares, either. Atleast I'm not home alone.

  3. Take heart in that they don't make mittens for tentacles. It may not want to go out in the snow, either.

  4. There is such a thing as Thunder Snow, meaning that nature is pissed off and wants to ruin everyone's day.

  5. Hey, Dr. Cairo.

    Just a casual browser here, I'm not involved with any of this stuff and don't intend to be, beyond reading the occasional blog entry or viewing a video every now and then for kicks.

    I'm just curious about something, and you seem to be the right person to ask. Slenderman, whatever he is... mostly is a North American / European thing, right? Because until now I don't think I've seen any blogs or caught any notice of him appearing in Asia. Not that we don't have our fair share of ghosts and weird things over here, but I'm pretty sure Mr. S doesn't do the whole creepy laughter shtick, so they can't be that related to him.

    Good luck with the storm, anyway, and happy new year. Hope this one's more interesting that the last.

  6. @Anon You have a point, I haven't really heard of any such cases in Asia.

    I have a theory on this... if he is indeed a Tulpa, he's one that originated on English-language websites. Until someone translates things like the blogs into other languages, it's difficult for him to gain enough of a foothold to manifest in areas where so few people know of him. There are certainly bilingual individuals who may be haunted, but we just haven't really seen them yet.

    Who knows... maybe he is in the other countries and we just don't know about it due to the language barrier. But honestly, if Slender Man is staying out of Asia, that's a good thing for everyone living there.

    You said "over here" and mentioned some creepy laughter... care to elaborate?

  7. @Anon: From what I've read in the original mythos, He has been sighted a few times in Asia, so everyone around the world is pretty much screwed when He's around.

    @Cairo: If you seen entry #23 of Marble Hornets, Jay hears creepy laughter, followed by someone mimicking his voice, implying it was Big and Tall Himself.

  8. Just a common ghost story that everyone and their mother knows- there's this female ghost thing, goes by a number of names. Pontianak, Manananggal, that one. Apparently if you hear a woman laughing close by, you're fine! But if it's very faint laughter, then you probably ought to try very hard not to panic... obviously.

    It's just the normal method of dealing with weird shit. If you and another guy are on guard duty, say, and you smell something not quite right- usually, it's fresh flowers- maybe you'll glance at them and they'll nod slightly to indicate that yes, they smell it too, you're not going mad. And then neither of you say anything else about it. Going by the whole Tulpa thing, chances are we probably have plenty of our own monsters to worry about... though part of me is, admittedly, a little curious about what would happen.

    The only stories I've heard similar to the Slenderman things, though, all feature female monsters in the main role as opposed to a man in a suit. The reasons for them going after children vary- and also what exactly they do with the kids they take.