I've been sick the last few days.  No coughing.  At all.  Just obscenely, constantly exhausted.

Today I want to share my thoughts on what I'm sure everyone else is thinking of:

No word if Jay's seen this yet.

"you are broken"
"you cannot be fixed"

I speculate this is referring to Jay's missing memories. Now how is this message meant to be taken? A statement? A warning? A threat? Why has totheark been silent until now?

I've heard some speculation that the photo is of Alex Kralie, but I'm not quite sold on that. I can't make out the similarities aside from the glasses. Hopefully someone else will make a breakthrough on this.

Also heard about this other channel called "TheBoneCreekStory". It's apparently owned by two guys named Tim and Robbie who recently had their camera and laptop stolen, and videos from that camera were uploaded to MyDarkJournal. He's called DarkJournal an attention-whore (as have I).

 I've already caught in ambiguity in his story.  The "Hey Robbie" video he says he recorded and Journal uploaded, Tim's voice says that he's recording it on a droid phone, yet in this video he keeps referring to his camera being stolen.  Unless he's using them as synonyms, I'm a bit confused.

Finally, some of you may have already seen this, but I was only made aware of it yesterday.  I've been hiding my location for my safety, but fearfulXbenefactor clearly already knew where I was after that first video.  Now he's decided to give away my location to everyone, and there's not much I can do to stop him.  So, you'll all know eventually, and I might as well show you now.

Googling the sign at the end is all it takes to know where I am.  I still don't know if he's a real proxy or some dick on my floor being funny, but either way he's indirectly exposed me to danger now.  Also, the audio is weird... anyone have an idea what that sound is?  At all?


  1. Ok Cairo, here's what i've got. Blinking in the TTA video. Someone mentioned it might be morse. I'll look into that later on as I have work to get to now.

    Not sure as to what I think of the whole Bone Creek angle.

    As for your personal little friend....well here's the audio.


    Any significance to you? I've heard it a few times myself but it sounds as if it was recorded via a microphone from something else that was playing it.

  2. There are...several others mine and my fiance have seen. You might be interested in them.

    WickedStickyAlex (Short but related to EverymanHYBRID)

  3. 1. We assumed it was Alex's picture as well.
    2. Recording on a cell phone and uploading from a cell phone are two different animals. We looked at the average cell coverage/range between Pensacola and Panama City (where this looks to be happening) and it is pretty sparse.
    3. You should take precautions with this guy that is exposing you he could be dangerous directly or indirectly by giving away your location like that. Considering your position on the "truth" thing you have friends and enemies out there.

    Take care and stay safe friend.

  4. It's BogwingArchives from twitter (I have a LiveJournal account and thought I might use it to comment on your blog).

    Hope you get well soon and hopefully not get your location exposed even more by Banefactor.

    Now the message TTA left could very well be a warning and why he's posting the videos NOW is a toughie but my wild guess is that he must have went into the seven month blackout but the chances of that happen to him is very unlikely.

    And I watched one of his old videos and might try to creak the ceiling light morse code in Deluge and see if I could get anything from it.

  5. About the audio on fearfulXbenefactor's new video either sounds like a slowed down voice or cows...I'm thinking the voice.

  6. GreyouTT: I already took care of the audio. Look at my post above, I included a link for a download of the clip.

  7. @Hellershanks: Huh. Seems Benefactor's seen the Scott Pilgrim movie. Who'da thought.

    "Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend."

    Seems like he's just being pissy about me keeping a few things to myself, like my location and identity.

    I'm more sold on this just being some twat on my floor now. Real proxies usually don't make pop culture references.

    Thanks for the help Hellershanks.

  8. @Cairo: Regardless, watch your ass. Real proxy or not, it IS leaving you vulnerable.

  9. I once had a proxie stalking me who made references to classical literature. He's probably dead now, most likely due to his incompetence; the cell where he was held in was covered in blood.

    Anyway, the point of the story is this: you could be dealing with a proxie, albeit a Narmy one. Be very careful.

  10. oi cairo. if at all possible, i would like you to announce that Redlight should be captured and used as an information source at all costs.

    people are far too gun-ho about killing him.

    might be going to the wrong person here, but you never know.

    and frankly, i dont care right now. tired as fuck, annoyed as fuck, and now im rambling like fuck.

    anyway, hope your shit works out.


    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  11. What shanks said. Be careful, watch your back, and keep your eyes peeled.

    @shanks: yeah I didn't see your post until after I had posted mine.