Haven't slept since I found that video on my camera.  Know I have to sleep sometime, but I just haven't been able too.  I mean... technically, nothings changed.  Whatever happened on that video happened a month ago and I just wasn't aware of it.  Of course, now that I know, I'm thinking about it constantly and that's making things worse.

Tried to get it out of my head by watching CNN all day.  Of course, doesn't help to keep hearing "Cairo" over and over, which brings my thoughts right back to the situation.  Dr. Cairo... how and why did I come up with that?  I don't remember anymore.  I confess that I'm scared... wouldn't be human if I wasn't.  But I've been trying to think logically in spite of that fear.

I still have time.  People usually have at least a few months from the time he shows up to the time he gets them.  Mind you, crazy shit happens during those months, but you're still alive.  People have been suggesting I run... I've even suggested it to people in the past. But recently, I've realized something.  That crazy shit will happen where ever you are... whether you're hanging around your house attending college or living the runners life on a rooftop.  Crazy shit happens.  And I'd rather deal with that shit from a familiar place with a support system than a city where you can get killed in a mugging just as easily as he can get you.

Proxies... screw em.  Right now, I'm concerned with one thing, vigilance for when He shows up.  MyDarkJournal, See0ker0x, fearfulXbenefactor... if any of them shows up in person, then I'll give a damn.  And they'll meet mister un-specified weapon purchased this afternoon.  But for now, they're just trolls to me.

Looking back on the last few days, I got way too cocky.  I'm back in reality again.  As for the video itself, you know as much as I do.  I can't see Him anywhere in there, but the picture is just so messed up from distortions.

One of you mentioned the way that the Compilation videos I uploaded that day got screwed up in rendering.  Hadn't thought of it, but I suppose it's possible.  There's a few other things that happened while I was home that I hadn't considered as well... we had the family Christmas party at my uncle's a week before Christmas, and the circuit breakers kept blowing.  I also fell asleep for an hour or so while the realitives were drinking, though I really think I was just tired.  My cell phone charger also went inexplicably missing while I was home so I had to go buy a new one, but it's probably just behind some furniture somewhere... I doubt slender man goes around stealing people's cell phone chargers...

That was my pathetic attempt at being funny.  I'm useless on some days.


  1. Dr. Cairo. You are right. Stay there. Screw the Proxies, but still keep in mind one is near you (fearfulXbenefactor) You don't want him/her to come at you. So always be on the defense from Him and the proxies. More importantly, Don't show any fear. He feeds off the fear. Get some sleep.

  2. How many people is He stalking now? Slender must be keeping a notebook of their names to keep track of them...

    For once, I would like to see someone not fighting or running from Him, but studying Him.

  3. Don't worry too much, Cairo, I'm sure you'll be fine. The best advice I can give you, is too remain positive.

  4. Be careful Doc, sleep with a shotgun if you have to.
    a.k.a. KendoSF13 on youtube

  5. Good luck Doc, lord knows you got people rooting for ya, me included.

  6. I think I mentioned this before, but I'll tell you again, seeker isn't one you actually have to worry about. I think.


  7. If you keep a clear and calculation mind about things you should be alright Cairo, it's the only say to stay sane.

  8. @0harts, not only that but the fact that he isn't the only one going through this is another way to stay sane: taking comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Sometimes that can bring worlds of people together.


  9. @Lucien, Yeah, that's always a big thing too. The fact that you can know that someone can relate to what happens to you and you can comfort each other, no matter how many there are of you. We all need to know we're not the only one's alone in the world haha.

  10. If it can help you find solace Doc, know this: through your efforts throughout this whole ordeal, you have brought others together who are all going through the same thing. I feel that because of those efforts, those who are being targeted by Him, as well as those who aren't, will unite one day against Him in order to bring Him down. It's already being done via the internet, but physically, it is in the inevitable future. One person or a small group of people may not be enough, but everyone joined together will likely yield different and progressive results.
    We believe in you, Cairo, and we trust you to keep doing what you're doing in order to save more from His grasp. It could possibly be that your efforts will be all of our guiding light towards victory.


  11. @Xand, I agree with you. The internet has united us, but it's not enough. There was a group of people that united offline to fight, but it wasn't enough. We lost a few good people because of that. We need, basically, an army, if we want to stand a chance.

  12. @Lucian I'd agree, but I doubt that's even enough..