Ending Title Card Explanation

So, for the inaugural post, I'll explain something a lot of people have been asking about... those little white title cards that show up along with white noise at the end of some COMPILATIONS.  I never really elaborated about them before... was waiting for someone to pick up the pattern and today someone did.

The messages appear at the end of COMPILATIONS that "conclude" that case.  Thus far they've appeared on three, all of which have concluded. They're semi-cryptic messages that reflect some aspect of the case, meant to provoke thought.  So far, we have the following:

Just Another Fool - "GREATER TRUTH REMAINS" 
Elements of the mystery, such as the "truly concious beings" and messages from the notebooks remain unsolved. There is still a greater truth to be discovered.

Something Awful - "THE TRUTH REMAINS A BLUR" 
We don't know the real story behind the house Asylum uncovered: be it a manifestation by the Slender Man or something else...

Elizabeth, and a great many other runners, tend to keep certain information to themselves. She lied to everyone about her Mother and about her knowledge of Slender Man before her grandmother's death.

The last one applies to a ton of people... myself included.  I hide my true identity... where I am... some of the measures I've taken for my protection.  Different people have different reasons for it... some justified, some not.  It's just part of the life one lives when in this situation.

Sorry for not explaining this earlier.  The way I saw it... if you're in deep enough to be following compileTRUTH, you ought to be used to this kind of thing by now.  Or at least need practice finding their meaning.

Also, I initially had trouble deciding how to end the videos when I wasn't using a "End of Part X" tag.  Just saying.


  1. hello intelligent whistling rabbit. i see you now very well.
    better to hide information, secrets. harder to find challenge. hide away but talk much.

    you say nerves. you say drag into. you say a great many things loudly and you say you do not want to play the Konig's game

    i think differently, maybe.

    how can i be of service, obey? a story then. for you intelligent hiding rabbit i will entertain thee. i will make a story and you may tell me how it is ending. play.
    come out come out come out come out
    talkative rabbit
    play with me.

  2. Now you've done it. Bloggers are going to comment, telling you to run/fight and calling you an idiot/coward, trolls are going to troll, and pEoplE arE going to speaK like thiS and think they're cool for doing so.

    Nevertheless, I do like your videos. The Codes LOG is pretty great. And your response to the Dark Journal was truly epic.