I Shouldn't Have Done That

I let my guard down last night.  I am regretting it.

Late last night, eh, probably about 1:00 AM, I was filming a short video update for the Youtube channel.  Basically just a place for people to request blogs for compilation and a brief bit of me talking about "Liar" and the benefactor situation.  How did I let my guard down?

I had my door open.  I used to let it hang open all the time, so that I could talk with passerby and friends on the floor.  Invite them in to play some Smash Bros and what not.  I always close, lock and/or bar the door when I'm asleep or out.  But last night, for some reason, I had my door open, if only to feel a little less alone.

I saw what I can only assume was Benefactor.  Don't know who he was, but I got some kind of idea.  He was smaller than one might expect.  Dare I say it, Slender... *slaps self* Bad joke, sorry.  Jeans and a black hoodie with the hood drawn.  Couldn't make out any details of his hair or face as he had his back to me almost the whole time.  Well, he showed up at my door... evidently had the balls to leave a message on it with me standing right there.  Soon as I saw that envelope with the Operator Symbol on it I chased after him.  Unfortunately, he's quite fast and I'm quite fat. (This I plan to address over the summer, assuming I make it that far.)  He made it to those tunnels you saw in the Fire Alarm video and I lost him... it's kind of a maze down there with lots and lots of doors.

So, I made it back to the room and checked out that envelope.  You'll see what was in it shortly.  But that's not the reason I didn't sleep last night.

I found it odd I hadn't seen him since that day in January.


  1. what was the reason for not sleeping lastnight?

  2. My assumption would be a sighting of our unwanted faceless friend.

  3. These things... these unseelie by-blows of a tentacled "god," aren't as adept as their erstwhile creator. Heck, half the time I'm not sure if He is visible because he wants to be or that He's let his guard down and the camera's caught him. But in any event, these Changelings as I call them, they have no guidance and adopt His ways because they don't know what else to do once they stop thinking of themselves as human. Invisibility is just one of several abilities that they use, but haven't mastered. Obviously "Benefactor" was feeling cocky, or you never would have seen him.

  4. Cairo, I think you've learned your lesson now. If you want to leave the door open, at least keep a closer eye on it.

    Did anyone else see Benefactor? Maybe they have an idea of who it is.

  5. Well...shit.

    Couple observations I've made in the video
    (you've probably seen them already but I wanna say them)

    Video: from 2:59-3:10 the audio seems to be missing. 3:11 I think I see a certain something in the window.

    The CD front: My friend can't figure it out. I'm still gonna try and see what I can do about it though.

    Stay safe Doc,


  6. Also, love the BEN reference btw.

  7. The disc markings reminded me of a dart board, but that's probably the wrong idea.

  8. That this Benefactor calls you a liar puts any relability of his own in question especially since he has gone out of his way to be antagonistic.

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