Intrusion and the Deck

Came back to school today.  Someone's been in my room while I was gone.  The "Stop" sign on the door had the Operator symbol slashed through.  I found this the inside of the door.
The Guy Fawkes mask I had in my room was missing.  The sheets were ripped off the bed and laying in the floor.  My Vincent Valentine figure was lying in the floor, along with an empty pizza box.  And finally, the little articulated statue had been moved and posed.
Benefactor's been here.  I called the campus cops to report a break in, but since nothing was stolen or missing aside from the mask they don't really believe me, and it's not like I can explain what's really going on here.  They are going to change my lock, but I doubt that will help.

Anyways, the deck of cards in that box is... I dunno, weird.  I'm trying to figure out what kind of message he's trying to send.  If I can't make any progress on the cards in the next day or two I'll post them up here and see if you can make anything out.

Yeah, it has the four faceless-king cards that were in thefifth.avi.  But there's a lot more.


  1. What's weird about the deck except the faceless kings?

  2. hmm faceless king

    well thats obviously

    the beast

    would you do

    me a favor

    and look


    at the red and

    black jacks

  3. What brand of card are they?

  4. Cairo, I know you wish to just observe, but you may have to just kill this benefactor character.

  5. pete, i dont know who you are, or what your situation is, but that is probably the worst advice you could give him right now.

    killing someone would land him in jail, even if he did run. he doesnt seem the kind of guy who (no offense intended, Cairo) is suited for the runner sort of life.

    If he did commit the deed, he wouldn't have time for all the beautiful analysis that he gives us. and you may not realize it, but he is very helpful in that right.

  6. Yes, because Cairo will be so helpful if benefactor kills him first. Look, he's obviously dealing with either an agent or proxy here. There's only one way to deal with those, as they will not leave you alone until they've completed their "master's" orders.

  7. if he doesnt kill him, he gets killed and cant continue his work.

    if he kills him he wont have time to do his work.

    but what if he caught him and tied him up and asked him a shit load of questions?

    BINGO everyone wins! (cept benefactor)

    killing should NEVER be the answer with these guys, unless you are already running and there is no other viable option.

  8. And just what power does this "Doctor" possess that would make benefactor actually talk? Perhaps a little snip-snip to a finger or two to "persuade" him?

  9. @Pete - If he attacks me, by all means I'll do my best for it. Self defense and what not. But I don't know how well I'd fare. The fighting prowess of proxies seems to have a fairly wide range, so I may have a chance but...

    @Black Leaf - Good god man, I'm a doctor, not a CTU agent! #Iusedtolike24

  10. Well, be careful. This individual is obviously dangerous and lacking in respect for personal space.

    Out of curiosity, just why would he continually call you a liar? Aside from your claim to be a Dr. while in truth being a student, I can't think of a thing to provoke it, save perhaps an attempt to turn ears from you.

  11. I know I've posted this comment on the video, but I wanted to make sure that you saw it.

    About the deck: He seems to be referencing a couple of the other well-known proxies (the ace with "rk"=ARK as in totheark, and the kings without faces= afacelessking as in MyDarkJournal) I wonder why? Each of the cards that are Jack and higher all have some specific meaning to them. I'll do my best to help you figure them out. Also, the other commenter may be right, the numbered cards may need to be arranged in a certain order to produce the coded message. I'll try to help figure that out as well.

    As always, stay safe Cairo.