Written - July 21st 3:30 AM

By the time any of you see this message, I don't even know which state I'll be in.  After seeing that footage last night posted by MyDarkJournal, I've determined a new course of action is required.

If I myself am compromised, I can't stay here.  Not around normal people.  Not putting them in danger.  My only remaining option is to go deeper.  It's the runner's life for me.

I'm not stopping my research.  I took with me my laptop, my camera, what I need to continue it.  I still have use of the car the PTC sent me out with, though all things considered, I can't use that long, as they'll certainly be along to reposes it and kill me as soon as they catch wind of this.  But it'll be a start.  So the plan is to keep moving.  Get up high where possible.  See if I can link up with anyone who'll still give me a chance and try to be of some help.

To Morgan - I left a letter in your mailbox apologizing already, so I won't repeat it here.  You've been a true friend all these years, and I thank you for that.  If for some reason you need to reach me, or if ANYTHING starts happening, you post here and let me know.  The new password is the name of that fan-fiction you helped me write in middle school.  You know the one.

To Mike - I haven't known you as long, but you seem like a good guy.  Take care of her and best of luck to you both.

To my Mother - I'm sorry about all of this.  I never wanted this for anyone, but I can't change the past.  The story I told you... the first one... is entirely true, which is why you must forget it.  I will call you when I can, but I can't come back.  I still love you.

To my Father - Doubt you're reading, but, I have nothing else to say to you.  I was missing two months, and then came back for two months, and you never even called me once.  Not even a single sign of concern.  China or not, I would have at least expected some contact.  Your job was always the most important.  I suspect this development will have little meaning to you.  Which is why I've liberated a few grand from your savings to fund my first few months on the run.  Thanks.

To the truth seekers - I ask that you please continue to keep watch.  Protect yourselves, and if I later prove to be compromised, there is something I must ask of you...


  1. And this thing you ask of us. What is it? To perform a certain task? To find someone? I doubt you will be compromised, but if on the slight chance you are... then, Dr. Cairo, It was a pleasure watching your progress.

    For the others reading this blog for answers, or for questions, I have a story to tell you.

    Twenty faced The Faceless King and his army.
    Two were enticed by his power and joined him.
    Their friends, horrified and enraged, pleaded for assistance.
    A local mercenary heard their pleas and agreed to help them, as the King was one he had sworn to kill.
    The mercenary, known as The Operator, lead the assault on The Faceless King.
    When they got to him, the two from before had grown powerful but were still struck down.
    They pleaded for life, but their cries fell on deaf ears.
    The Eighteen from before came through out the lands, such as CAIR⊗. They were threatened by the King. And they had finally won...

    Or had they?
    The King survived and slept for centuries. Finally wakened by his hunger, He fed on children's fears and the children themselves.
    But that did not satisfy his hunger.
    He now has grown to his original power, and it is too late.

    So I ask: Will you help defeat the King, or assist him?

    -The ⊗perator

  2. Be careful, Doc. Don't be afraid to call on those of us that can loan you a couch for a night or two.

  3. @The Operator

    Hahahaha! What a story Mark.

  4. Who is Mark? And why are you laughing?

    The story is true. And don't believe that I'm the Operator from then. We don't have longevity you know.

  5. This is just wierd. I regret even coming into this slenderbuissness.

  6. Attempting to "go deeper" is a fool's errand, and running away will almost certainly not save your family. The ignorance thing only works for so long, after all. If it's too late to go back home, I would at least try to kick back and enjoy my life if I were you, or whatever's left of it.

  7. O184O690O1587O1104O1725O1932O1127O552O207O3220O6325O4140O6279O2576O7245O5152O


  8. Whoa whoa whoa, what?

    Looks like a code or something. I don't even know where to start on breaking it. As soon as someone breaks it, post please. I'm intreged.

  9. A code like that one was found in a post on my blog. IDK how to decode.


  10. New code:


    Anyone else finding codes like this on their blog?

  11. So you too have taken-up the call of the "runners"?

    Good luck, Doc.

    We should get in touch...

  12. hello sir i have fond ur youtube today and i ask who is mdj and y is he after u?

  13. I honestly have no idea what the fuck is going on anymore.

  14. ...Al I have to say is, good luck running. If you need any advice, I might be able to assist you (...even though it might be smarter to ask other runners.)

    ~Kay Lynn

  15. Virusaveveryousoul