The Present Circumstances

It's been a long time blogosphere.  Some of you probably figured you'd never hear from me here again.  It's been a long time, and there's a lot to discuss.  There's some footage from New York you probably ought to see, but I'm waiting to upload it until the heat is off and I've some distance between myself and a certain other location.

On December 22nd, an unknown party uploaded The Broken Masquerade, a video composed of various footage I destroyed in October.  The video speaks for itself... assuming you have some brain cells and an iota of reasoning to put 2 and 2 together and not get 5.  Judging from the last frame of the video (as attached) it was this same "Herald" who helped himself to my Twitter back in November to dispense cryptic bullshit.

As soon as I saw that video, I realized my cover was unsalvageable.  But as soon as I say that, you realize the problem.  If I work for Him, why would someone else working for him go to such lengths to expose me?  Well, best as I can tell, "Herald" is unaffiliated with Him.  Which begs the question, who is he, how is he doing these things, and why?

Then there was a completely unrelated spam-bot attack.  Just goes to show that can happen to any one.

In the intervening time, I've been pursing as many leads and sources as I could to learn information about "Herald"... sources on both sides of the line.  A couple of his followers who assisted me by obligation, and a couple of you who were clearly oblivious to my betrayl.  And there were a lot of you who were oblivious: judging from how many private messages and @mentions I kept getting from people who weren't paying attention.

And today, I learned about what transpired last night, in TribeTwelve live stream.  Now whatever the Observer is up to with his charge is none of my business, but it seems my twitter account was logged into Stickam while things went down.  Someone else fairly oblivious to my true alignment noticed "me" acting strangely and called him on it.  And I'm told he declared "Thus spoke the Herald" before leaving the chat and leaving a tweet for good measure.

Whoever this is, he clearly has access to some means of breaking my passwords, so I'm not going to bother changing it.  Any further communication from him is just more clues for me, so I encourage further intrusions.  If any of you know anything about "Herald", squeal, and I'll put in a good word.

Expect a video in the next week or so concerning what went down in New York.


I don't do this for evulz.  But sometimes you people make me want to.


More on that at a later date.


  1. I thought something was up with you on stickam. That masquerade video was... Well, what can I say about it, other than I kept shouting 'mind control' when I saw it... Now this blog entry, and stickam last night. Gods, I guess no one dealing with The Faceless King can be trusted, can they?

  2. The fact that "The Broken Masquerade" did not show up in my sub box may have something to do with my being oblivious.


    Okay, Now that I've SEEN the video all I can say is, AMy Zeke Strahm have mercy on your soul.


  3. Aw, man Cairo, why? Why turn to the Dark Side? Did Slendy say he'd act out your favorite Hentai's?

    I trusted you dude. But you were working for HIM.

    Oh well, I would unsubscribe, but I want to see where this is going, and how long you have been working for him.

  4. So, you feel good about betraying others for your own life? Even hers? What about your family?

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  6. You know, Cairo, I admire the audacity that you have. "Squeal and I'll put in a good word". I bet you will, and I bet you woulda put in a good word for the others you threw in front of the suited, faceless bus, but you see, good doctor, The Herald doesn't seem to like you. I honestly cannot blame him, as sacrifice is dirty pool. What makes you so sure that the Herald isn't the one we'd side with, even with present and obvious dangers?

  7. Dr. you seem to not realize Herald is simply a new gifted one like Him (and the only mortal to remain such with this power,I), the Rake, but more powerful, I am even to believe Rake works for Herald, but until later on, I refuse to speak with a pawn.
    -Gifted Mortal

  8. and guy above these posts, it is because Herald is worse.

  9. Cario, you disgust me. Your own survival matters more than lives!?! I hope you get what's coming to you, and I hope you get it good.

    Never knowing who to really trust,

    1. Hey everyone,

      Okay, Cario's a bad guy - we've established that. He's working with Slendy. He's been populating the Slenderman so other people will check it out and be haunted. I think he's all manner of evil and disgusting human being. But...from the look of those letters, things aren't good for him and I won't just condemn him to die - and you know what? I don't think really any of you, in your heart of hearts, will either. Even if he is a disguising second hand murderer. He's a human being who deserves our help.

      Guys, I know we're all looking for retribution - and rightly so, but none of us know a damn thing about Herald. So, I'm not aligning myself with him and I don't think anyone else here should either.

      So Cario, I will be helping you. But guess what buddy? I am NOT your fucking friend and I'm not intimated by you one little bit. Yeah, that's cute when you say everyone here is so pathetic. Your scared out of your fucking mind because there's something or someone out there who HE is unable to detect and possibly protect you from . Sic Slendy on me for all I care, but you know I'm right. Your desperate for our help, swallow the bitter pill and admit it.

      I'm under no illusions to what you are - a sick sorry excuse for humanity. Maybe you were scared once of what he would do to you, but the time when you could have acted like a real human being and realised what making these videos and blog meant for others has long past. You chose this. But I won't kill you, but God help me, if I ever get my hands on you, you will wish that you were dead.

  10. Facinating, I've never seen someone get hallowed out and still believe them to be themselves. Simply fascinating. I ask you Professor Proxy(Goofy yes, appropriate for your current state, also yes) Do you honestly really believe yourself to be Dr.Cario, a man who armed himself with truth? I'm sorry to infrom you, but, you're a personality created when Cario was hallowed. I believe that you are proof of theory that when one is hallowed the psyche begins to operate on what little the brain still has stored of its original state. Simply fascinating.

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  12. Well I'm a little late on this post but from what can gather , Herald, the term, is a sign of things to come. Which, since names/alias's of people involved with Slenderman tend to correlate with their actions/duties, I would assume that this "Heralds" true association in all this is preparing the arrival of something/someone, or on the other hand he could be doing what you originally claimed to be doing, and that is to be the messenger of the truth.
    (Apologies if this seems a bit obvious.)

  13. you realy dont update much, do you, I try to tell you what may happen, I drop you hint, I make myself pretty findable, and you do nothing, how sad

  14. This shit isn't even funny anymore. Doc I was using your videos to help in my research and try finding my friend. With Zeke possibly gone for good and now you being a Proxy. Jesus Doc it's true you can't trust anyone these days. Well I can tell you now that if you don't pull away from him and snap out of it. I can't promise I'll let you get away if I find you. God have mercy on your dark soul.


  15. hello i want to continue dr. cairo's research but i need help and a little more confirmation no things. i hope someone reads this but if you do, help me.