Last You'll Hear from Me

So, I'm gonna go ahead and call it.  I'm pretty sure the Doctor's dead.  Some other guy from his floor too.  I don't have any evidence, but I've been looking for two weeks and they're both gone without a trace.  Even broke back into Cairo's room to look, everything's still there.  Can you believe none of the people in charge of the building have realized he's missing yet?  Guy must not have had any friends at all. Tragic, but I'm glad to see the Slender Man saved me the trouble of bringing Cairo down.  So before I move on, time to finally explain everything, starting with what the good doctor was lying about.

Cairo was never trying to help you in the first place.  Since the start, or at least, very near the start, he's been working the Slender Man's agenda.  He's not a runner or a fighter, just a proxy who the Slender Man left completely sane so as to have a fully articulate pawn to infiltrate the community. He started by pitching you a false ideology, reinforcing the idea in your heads that knowledge was power and could be used to survive against Him, and then providing you with such information.  This was, as they say, a trap.

The Slender Man has a need to feed.  A need that is constantly growing.  Since his target diet is limited to people who know about him and then shrinks when he consumes, the pool needed to be replenished.  Cairo's job.  His little informative vlogs never really produced anything groundbreaking... but they make an excellent starter's guide for people thinking their joining in on a big piece of fiction.  The sole purpose of Cairo was to spread knowledge of the Slender Man as far as he could.  To restock the pool.  To infect.  To condemn to death the people he was "helping".  So why would the Slender Man turn on him?  Did he try to betray him and run?  Was he not working fast enough?  Was his purpose served and over with? 

I don't know, because I AM NOT A PROXY.  I'M A RUNNER. I posed as one in an attempt to expose Cairo and what he was doing.  If I had just come right out and said all this, who would have believed me?  I would have just been some random troll and ignored.  I had to get everyone's attention, and try and get a message out to you without Cairo knowing and the traditional codes and puzzles of a proxy were the perfect vehicle to do so.  Cairo knew I wasn't on his and the big man's side, but he had to play along to maintain his disguise as a runner. A few of you got bits and pieces of the message but no one put it all together, and when Cairo realized what was in the messages he made plenty of efforts to misdirect you on the meanings of the messages.

"The truth is just a rule that you can bend." (Lies)
"You violate the oath." - "First, do no harm." (Medical ethics, Hippocratic Oath, Dr. Cairo)
"Liar by One OK Rock" - (Lies again.)
"The exchange of masks." - When I finally exposed him, our roles (masks) would be reversed.
"The Card Puzzle" - Was self explanatory if you look at the solution Drage posted.

A proxy disguised as a runner and a runner pretending to be a proxy.  It's a funny world, ain't it?

With that done, it's on to the next for me.  It's been real difficult staying in this same area for so long, a change of scenery should help.  My hometown's not far from here, maybe I'll swing in.  I know that learning about this thing won't save me.  Running... probably still won't save me but it will make me last longer.  So, I'm about ready to wash my hands of this.  I won't be posting here again.  I will monitor it just in case Cairo pops back up, but I've got some other problems to worry about.

- Not so fearful anymore,


P.S. - My talk about the Youtube password was a bluff.  Cairo didn't write that one down, so I can't get into it.  Otherwise I'd take the channel down to stop it from infecting people.  But I can't win em' all.


  1. oh fuck

    my fucking mind is fucking blown

  2. Sorry man, I don't believe you. Dr. Cairo had a labcoat, so he must have been telling the truth.

  3. Well Benefactor... If what you say is true, I do hope you will continue to be safe. Whether what you say is the truth... Well who knows what is truth anymore? I'll take it with a grain of salt, that is for sure. But hell, according to you I am already one of the damned just by the fact of being here, so I guess that doesn't matter anymore. If you come up with anything else, shoot me a line. I'll listen, but the trust doesn't come cheap.

  4. this still does not explain my case. the slender man is after the people i see at the station. he never attacked me

  5. I would be surprised if people weren't considering the possibility. You can't live long in this game without seeing various perspectives. Enemies, allies, runners, proxies, if you don't consider the possibility roles can be reversed you're done for. Actors take on different roles for a living; just like cons; it wouldn't be all that surprising if a proxy was made to do the same. Not to mention giving out trust to others in this game should not be done lightly.

    In truth, I just kicked back and watched what information he decided to share. Information is useful; you cannot call it useless because despite it not pertaining to the subject you're looking to use it for it could be just as useful in another subject. Knowledge is not useful? That's a lie. Knowledge helps us figuring out ways to survive longer, it helps us adapt, learn our allies, opponents, and everyone in between. I never chose to pick sides between Dr. Cairo and the Benefactor, mostly because of how they danced and behaved. There were holes left open that made me wonder just what filled them that they were not telling us.

    Curious posting, Benefactor. The theory was there, it's interesting to see it being brought into light. I'll have to process this information and add it to the rest relating Dr. Cairo and you.

    Can't wait to see what happens next, dears,

  6. Benefactor. I am compelled to trust you for reasons i cannot yet explain.
    Stay Safe
    Rev Loon the Wanderer

  7. He didn't write down his youtube password but he wrote down his blog and twitter? For some reason that doesn't sound right. I get the feeling this isn't over yet. Not in the least bit.

    Also, Sorry for being a dick on twitter Benefactor. Though, I'm still not sure who to trust just yet.

  8. ...You're not very bright, are you FOB?

    I don't have to try very hard to pin down your personality. If you were indeed trying to expose Cairo, I can think of a dozen easier and more effective ways to have done so, ways that wouldn't have left so much doubt on the situation.

    1) Being fully articulate isn't all that impressive amongst proxies. Even whackjobs like Morningstar can act perfectly rational and normal when they want to.

    2) You've changed your story a few times since you've appeared on the scene. First the Compilations were bad because they prevented Runners from gaining the full knowledge of older stories by offering shortcuts. Now they're bad because they offer any knowledge at all... Well they do say ignorance is bliss, and I guess you'd know the most about that.

    3) Why go through all this song and dance to expose him? To get our attention? Please. We're a very attentive and suspicious bunch here. We have to be. You'd know that if you actually were on the Run.

    4) You are, therefore, either a rather dumb and incredibly grandiose/attention-seeking Runner, or a proxy posing as a rather dumb and incredibly grandiose/attention-seeking Runner.

    TL;DR: If you're a Runner, keep running. If you're a proxy... start running. I'm not putting up with any more losses today.

  9. I apologize for snarling at you on twitter, but I'm going to hold off on who I believe until I can at least figure this out. If you are what you say you are, stay safe and sane. If not... Well, I think we might bump into each other at some point.

  10. I don't buy it.

    Especially since it is unclear whether or not there is a direct connection between knowledge and possession. Cases exist where the victims appear to have no prior knowledge of the phenomenon.

    However, if knowledge is indeed required, in the grand scheme of things the Doc didn't have a wide enough sphere of influence to infect the numbers of people which would make such a plan successful. I think the Doc's main demographic was those of us who already know what lurks in the darkness. So perhaps you might be right, that knowledge can't save us. However, once we already know what the world is really like, the truth of the world looses any ability it may possess to cause us further harm. So the idea that the Doc's purpose was to infect those who are ignorant of this fight and trap those who know is rather illogical. Beyond that, there are much more efficient ways to accomplish both of the tasks that you claim the Doc was working on (I won't elaborate for obvious reasons).

    Because your accusations that the Doc was working for the opposing force rely on him being part of an inefficient plan to create new victims and trap those who fight; and lacking evidence that such a plan would be needed to further the opposing forces goals. I am forced to disregard your claims against the Doc and continue with the hypothesis that he is indeed on the side of those of us who fight.

  11. Benefactor, why would Slendy kill Cairo if Cairo is indeed doing his work. That doesn't make any sense.

  12. Well, that explains why he never bothered to respond when I offered to show him how to make some occult protections. I mean, if he was a proxy, he wouldn't really need them.

  13. And here we go. This is where it all breaks down, not just the story here but the story all over:

    The problem with your theory, with Cairo's theories, with Strahm's and M's and everyone's theories, is you're trying to lash together a coherent set of rules based on wildly disparate stories. Numerous irreconcilable continuities are being boiled down and compared against each other, ruining what makes them unique. Events in one story are shown to be unlikely or impossible in another, but that doesn't matter because THEY'RE DIFFERENT STORIES.

    We don't watch Dr. Cairo's channel and read his blog because we think Fearful Benefactor is going to tell us everything we need to know to survive Slenderman. There is no Slenderman. We watch because we find his commentary insightful, and his compilations let us observe the stories in new ways, and even let us have a summary of new series without us having to spend hours of our own time to see if it's any good.

    I recognize the irony of addressing you like you're an actual being and not a fictional character, Fearful Benefactor, but in doing so I hope to point this out to other people: You don't have to be a runner. You don't have to be a proxie. You don't have to be a revenant or a hallowed or any of that. You can write your own story, you can make your own continuity, you can be your own person. Slenderman doesn't belong to whoever's writing the hot story of the month, he doesn't belong to M, to Zeke, to Jay, to Jeff, to Logan, to Sage, to Cairo, he belongs to everyone.

    And to the real Dr. Cairo, if this is a plot twist in your story or something, then don't let my soap box get in your way, but if you're trying to end your series because you don't have time, or you don't want to do it, or some other reason and you're giving us this as an in-universe explanation, please don't. Just tell us "I'm no longer capable of continuing Compile TRUTH, sorry." Don't stretch it out and try to justify it with concepts stolen from the Tutorial, it's just pathetic.

    Watson didn't write shit, people.

  14. Well, Benefactor, best of luck to you.

  15. I dont belive one bit of this. And for whomevers imformation, ComplieTRUTH's blogs are usefull, they provide a second opinion in clues, aswell as in theories behind our man in the suit and his many fallowers.

  16. I posted the above comment, link to a group on facebook devoted to talking about slender related things aswell as bumping ideas off eachother.

  17. Benefactor, whoever you may be. You provided clues to everything, but I pose a question to you. How do we know what you say is truth? How do we know that you arent a proxy, and that you are simply saying this to side with you and hate Cairo? Then again, we also don't know if it is the truth and Cairo really is working for our enemy.

    I think I have to start looking at every clue now, figure out what I should believe in. Afterall, I was smart enough to decode your card puzzle, I should be smart enough to figure out this little game.


  18. Benny, as several of the others have said, I still don't trust you. You've given us absolutely no reason to trust you, and there's just as much evidence to suggest that you were on our side as there was for the Doc. Besides, if what you're saying about the Doc is true, then it would almost certainly have to be true about nearly ever single other blogger who has claimed to be a runner up until this point. They have all given us lots of information, and they know that it will most likely cause Slendy to come after us, so therefore, either they're trying to kill us as well, or the Doc was trying to help us.

  19. ...you guys seriously think that the Doctor's dead?

    The doc's not dead. Trust me on this one.

  20. It's not over.
    It's only just begun.
    Benefactor, watch your back.
    Safety is our first concern.

  21. Jack: That's why I've never trusted M, or anyone who claims to be friends with him. Have you ever noticed M's list of Proxy symptoms exactly matches everything M says about himself, and that M's always warning you to trust nobody?

  22. You should fucking shut your mouth benefactor! You are the liar here! Cairo may be taken but we will help him fight the hold slender man has on him! Who is with me?

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