Last night, I finally managed to gain access to the Facebook group Josh Rallus has been running.  If whoever is in control of it now is to be believed, Josh is dead.  The group name has been changed to "THEOBITUARIES".  A few recent posts:

1600 AM -- 03-29-11"

08-22-94 -- 03-27-11"


And the group description was changed.

KEEPER         [X]
OTHER           [_]

I haven't had time to read through the chat logs and everything else, but between what I did read and what I've learned through Cowboy Ghostie's own research (thank you for this) I feel like I have a handle on what's going on.

The Angel's Game mentioned in the notes received by the group is some kind of battle between supernatural forces... forces which appear to lack bodies of their own, and must thus inhabit the bodies of humans, possessing them.  The names refer to:

DWELLER - The being who inhabited Josh, left him messages during the times he blacked out, and occasionally took control of him in the facebook chat with others.

KEEPER - Josh Rallus, now deceased. 

CREATURE - I must assume, the Slender Man.

OTHER - Unsure

DREAMER - Alana, now deceased.


Neither the Josh nor the Dweller was in control of the account last night.  The entity whose identity I'm unsure of claimed that following Alana's death, Josh attempted suicide.  The Dweller tried to keep him alive, but failed, and both of them died as a result.  The name of the facebook account was then changed to "Emet Rotter".


Who is this entitiy?  And who is the entity in control of Austin, acting as bag head?  I would assume OTHER and COLLECTOR, but I don't know which.

Going back through my inbox, something else occurred to me.  Back in January, Josh contacted me looking for help.  I sent both him and Austin information that I felt might help them.  Josh's response was normal.  Austin's... I'll just post it.

"The other two won't listen to me. This thing is hideous, efficient. It speaks to me sometimes. It tells me things. Terrible things. Haha. It knows so much. It wants to consume. HAHAHAHAHAHA"

Perhaps Austin isn't inhabited by an entity at all.  Perhaps he's a proxy under the Slender Man's influence.  His dress and behavior patterns are consistent with it.  I never heard back from Austin again after this.


Emet.  We share a moniker, but I know not if you are with or against us.  I will be watching closely.

There's also been major developments with Zeke Strahm's investigation of Damien O'Connor's case. Too much for me to handle right now.  Going to immerse in school work to stop thinking about it for a while.

It's Alex Kralie's birthday.  I feel like something might happen tonight.


  1. Ever notice that everything seems to lull for a bit, then suddenly shit hits the fan from all directions all at once?

    Makes this thing seem more like a force of nature than some sort...I don't know what. Ebbing and flowing. I don't know what to make of it lately.

    Shit, the whole thing has my head muddled. I can understand how you need to get your mind off of it. How have things been on your end? No advancements on the cards I imagine.

  2. hey Doc.

    Can the Slenderman use people as a tool without being a proxy?

    He has been in one of my dreams lately but never going after me. He keeps going after this girl that i see on my train home.

    Worse I see him everytime i go to the train station and even the conductor of the station see's him and says he's always there

  3. doc~tor

  4. Shit right something happened that night.

    I don't know about anyone else, but, bad juju has been in the air for like a week for me and I'm missing time, again.

    Only, someone was with me.

    So, yeah, you were right, Cairo. Shit did go down.

  5. Just got into that group myself. gotta love when a shitstorm happens outta nowhere

  6. Happy Birthday Alex. . . hope you find your peace next year, haha.

  7. cairo...go to youtube now. something popped up in the josh rallus case

  8. Hey Doc, some stuff I found on the cards and Benefactors youtube background.


  9. Doc, it's been a while since I've been around, but it seems like you've become a well respected member of our twisted little community. Contact me if you ever need help with anything....


  10. There is a new development in who the COLLECTOR is. It's a new character by the name of Stephen. He states that he was told by Josh or "The DWELLER" that he is the COLLECTOR in the video "The Well".

  11. I thought Stephan said something about being "THE COLLECTOR"? He said that "That thing inside Josh called me The Collector".

  12. He also collects the same small figure that Austin had in earlier videos. He always carried this thing in a suit with a yarn ball as a head.